Journal: LEGO Is Officially Making The Caterham Seven Model

LEGO Is Officially Making The Caterham Seven Model

By Michael Banovsky
March 16, 2016

Photos courtesy of Lego Ideas

We’re no strangers to Lego here at Petrolicious, so seeing another one of our favorite vehicles finally immortalized in plastic blocks makes us wish—just a bit—that we were 5 years old again and the Caterham Seven was going to be released in time for the holidays.

What’s great about Lego is its Ideas forum, where amateur builders—like Malte Dorowski, whom we recently profiled—can highlight their skills in order to have an official Lego set issued. Along the way, Lego will often cheer on or highlight promising projects—why wouldn’t the company support its best fans, right?

Once a project reaches 10,000 supporters, the company can approve to manufacture the kit, which is how this pretty Lego Caterham Seven came to be. Builder Carl Greatrix says it’s his “kit of a kit car,” a saying that goes some way to explaining how accurately the car was able to be modeled in plastic blocks!

According to Lego in an official post, it’s working on the final production kit, with details to follow.

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Guitar Slinger
Guitar Slinger
8 years ago

Ha ! Scooped y’all on this one ! ( he says with a smile ) Nice to see we’ve got something else in common Banvosky despite the differences in age . LEGO . Loved em as a kid … got the Architecture Studio as a 55+ mid boomer [ architecture is my 2nd love after music.. then cars ] .. and will be getting the Caterham soon as that little beast reaches the shelves . Cateram and LEGO … does it get much better than that ?

Well .. maybe if they did a G-Class … hmmm .. that might be better … maybe

Guitar Slinger
Guitar Slinger
8 years ago
Reply to  Guitar Slinger

… Oh how I do hope they do a version in BRG with a yellow snout ! ( but I’ll buy one regardless )

” I am not a number … I am a man ” … or alternatively ..

” I will not be pushed , filed , stamped , indexed . briefed , debriefed or numbered . My life is my own ”

Seriously gents .. watch the original ” The Prisoner ” series .. you’ll be glad you did .. or perhaps not … depending on your current state of affairs …

PS; Banvosky LEGO aint just for kids anymore . Fact is .. it never was !

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