Journal: Should This Adorable LEGO Fiat 500 Be Put Into Production?

Should This Adorable LEGO Fiat 500 Be Put Into Production?

By Andrew Golseth
September 1, 2016

Photos by LEGO

To really bring out the curmudgeon 40-year-old in me, I’m about to say what I despised hearing as a youngster, “Kids these days have it so easy”. I say this about whippersnappers, because when I was a kid we weren’t offered an official LEGO Caterham Seven, Volkswagen Bus, or Ferrari F40 (!) We sure as heck didn’t get the masterpiece that is the Technic Porsche 911 GT3 RS. Unlike LEGO’s current catering to carnuts, back in the day we were left to make our own crude (if not barely recognizable) automotive abominations.

But, if you’re still a lover of LEGO in adulthood, perhaps the film Stepbrothers said it best, “Can you imagine if we had these when we were 12? Even better! We got them when we’re 40”. Not only can we make the grown-up decision to buy whatever we want like beer and LEGO kits, we can even vote privateer brickmasters’ creations into official LEGO sets—true democracy at work here, people.

If the Volkswagen Beetle, the literal people’s car of Germany, can make it into LEGO production, then doesn’t the Italian market equivalent deserve to? Well, some creative brick-meister is trying to do just that with this 1,157-piece 1968 Fiat 500. This heavily detailed build has a number of accessories and intricacies, to include fully functional doors, frunk lid, and deck lid—even the roof has a “folded” open top insert.

There’s a removable decklid luggage rack and accompanying suitcase that totes a bottle and glass for those oh-so Italian picturesque picnics—consisting of wine and…more wine. Under the ventilated engine cover sits a nicely detailed “500 cc” straight-twin and the frunk houses a fuel cell, spare tire, and jack. The body is accurately finished with FIAT emblems, a “nuova 500” logo, classic Italian license plates, and front grille.

Inside, the cabin is equally impressive with folding front seats, complete pedal assembly, handbrake, and custom dashboard and speedometer stickers—note the door panels feature “window” rollers and handles.

Displayed in a number of traditional colors, this incredibly comprehensive brick build is merely a proposal on LEGO Ideas. For official LEGO consideration, the Fiat 500 LEGO Ideas submission requires 10,000 votes through the website’s “Support” page.

What do you say? Should this adorable LEGO Fiat 500 be put into production? Check out the builder’s video!

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Erwan Brillot
Erwan Brillot
7 years ago

Of course !!!!

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