News: Lucky Enough To Have A Jaguar E-Type? Now, For The First Time In Nearly 50 Years, You Can Have The Original Toolkit Too

Lucky Enough To Have A Jaguar E-Type? Now, For The First Time In Nearly 50 Years, You Can Have The Original Toolkit Too

By News Desk
November 8, 2019

What to buy the person who has everything? Or rather, the person who has a Jaguar E-type—which from many perspectives might amount to the same thing? Well, Jaguar Classic is seeking to resolve that, and with no little style as its team of experts has reproduced the original-specification E-type toolkit. This is to provide “the perfect finishing touch” for those fortunate enough to own or collect the iconic British sports car. It’s the first time in nearly 50 years that this E-type toolkit is available to buy as new, and it looks a thing of beauty.

Jaguar Classic is the official go-to for classic Jaguar enthusiasts, and Jaguar Classic’s experts have had unique access to historic records and specifications, such as engineering records, to ensure this toolkit’s authenticity to the original from half a century ago. The original E-type owner’s toolkit back in the day was offered with Series 1 and Series 2 E-types but hasn’t been available since the final Series 2 was produced in 1971. This meant that complete original E-type toolkits became highly sought-after and collectible rarities, known to fetch as much as £5000.

And this demand, from around the world, encouraged Jaguar Classic to make this reproduction toolkit, and by contrast it is priced from £732 in the UK. Its Jaguar-branded tools come in an elegant and period-correct leatherette-covered canvas roll, and contain all the items needed to carry out routine maintenance on the iconic E-type. These include in the toolkit a range of spanners and box spanners, a tire pressure gauge and brake bleed tin and tube. But even if you never use the tools on an E-type, or for any other practical purpose for that matter, the toolkit with its retro exquisiteness surely deserves to be on display.

“The original E-type toolkit has become a collector’s item thanks to its rarity and historic appeal,” said director of Jaguar Classic, Dan Pink. “We’ve had customers across the world contact us about obtaining one, which is why we decided to manufacture the toolkits again to their original specification. It’s the perfect finishing touch for E-type aficionados.” The toolkit can be purchased now from the recently-launched Jaguar Land Rover Classic online parts shop, via this link:

The toolkit also is offered as an option for E-type Reborn restoration customers. E-type Reborn is a complete service from Jaguar Classic which offers the opportunity to buy a fully-restored and highly-collectible E-type direct from the vehicle’s original manufacturer.

Every E-type Reborn, which starts with a base vehicle sourced by Jaguar Classic’s E-type experts, is restored according to the company’s original 1960s factory specification. And, in a similar vein to the toolkit, unique access to build records, original drawings, and the team’s decades of experience ensures authenticity, which has resulted in E-type Reborn restorations winning concours awards in Europe and North America in 2019.

Images courtesy of Jaguar UK

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