Featured: Meet Julià 911: Barcelona's 4th Generation Porsche Experts

Meet Julià 911: Barcelona’s 4th Generation Porsche Experts

By Ted Gushue
July 7, 2017

If I could count the hours I’ve spent with my local Porsche mechanics in LA I wouldn’t because it would make my wallet cringe, but that doesn’t keep me from being curious about what the rest of the world has access to in terms of Porsche wrenchmen.

A few weeks ago in Barcelona friend of Petrolicious Alvaro Couso (the exceptionally lovely guy behind 9Rebublic, the Spanish language only Porsche publication) took me around to a few of his local haunts, one of which was Julià 911, a tip to tail operation that specializes in everything from panel beating to race prep.

Since 1970 Josep Egui Julià has been in charge of Julià 911. The workshop began in 1920 when Josep’s grandfather opened its doors. Josep now works side by side with his son Jan and their family. German automotive engineering has been in their family for generations, but it’s not just the four wheeled that keep Josep engaged. Earlier in his life he developed long distance sailboat racing technologies that would help transatlantic competitors gain an edge. If you’d believe it, Josep also designed and holds the patent to a nautical turbine. It’s this undying curiosity about the mechanical world that has continually brought Josep and his family back to Porsche.

Prior to Josep taking over the family business the workshop as it is today was dedicated not only to Porsche, but to many other brands of the period. When Josep finally was in charge he decided to gradually specialize in Porsche.

Naturally Josep’s son Jan spent his childhood knocking about the workshop, picking up his Father’s passion. This shared passion ultimately lead to a structured studying of Engineering and Project Management at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia before he would ultimately join Julià 911 as the fourth generation. Josep now oversees all client relations as a project manager, ensuring that each detail is attended to throughout the production process.

Over the years Julià has worked hard to earn their reputation as not just a reliable and consistent workshop but as a valuable member of the international Porsche community, campaigning cars around Europe and beyond to showcase the quality of their work, and their pride in the burgeoning team behind it.

If you’re in the Barcelona area, please make a point of dropping by to say hello to this lovely family of Petrolistas, you will be glad you did.

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games vex
games vex
4 years ago

A great car, that’s my dream, hope I will fulfill this dream later this year https://candycrushsoda.co

6 years ago

Nice to see another family business carrying on thru the generations while s many more either go under or are sold to ‘ investors ‘

But ahhh … Ted ole bean .. about those visits to your Porsche mechanic … seriously Ted .. take the time and effort as well as the willingness to get a bit dirtying start learning to do many of the needed repairs and maintenance yourself .. suffice it to say if you do your enjoyment of your Porsche will multiply by at least a factor to ten … being able to take pride in your handiwork as well as your ability to write a check . And if I as professional musician who’s livelihood depends on his hands could do it with multiple ‘ F ‘ words as well as Alfa’s etc … you sure as ____ can … cause son … it aint rocket science nor art restoration … its just a car

6 years ago
Reply to  GuitarSlinger

PS; Heck Ted … if I lived in yer neck o’ the woods I’d even give you a hand to get you on your way to semi Porsche self reliance

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