Featured: Meet The $3.7 Million Maserati That Will Never Get Old

Meet The $3.7 Million Maserati That Will Never Get Old

By Michael Banovsky
September 30, 2015

Photos courtesy of Bonhams

This is a mid-engined, V8-powered Maserati Bora sports car. Well, it used to be.

Then Giorgetto Giugiaro—Car Designer Of The Century, by the way—got his mitts on the car and turned it from an attractive, predictably wedge’d one into the Boomerang. And if Boomerang isn’t the best name for a prototype supercar with all of its gauges where the middle of the steering wheel should be, I don’t know what is.

Of course, the gauges themselves are straight from the ’70s, and the wheels could probably be used to bore a badger den, but that shape has stuck around and influenced everything from the Lamborghini Countach and Lotus Esprit to the Vector M12.

It’s been in the news lately thanks to its €3.3 million price tag at a Bonham’s sale, but what’s amazing is that the car seems to be ageless. While other ’70s supercars have dated styling—and the wedge itself now an automotive castaway—the crisp and taught Boomerang is still as striking now as on its debut (as a styling mock-up) at the 1972 Turin Motor Show.

Now nearly half a century later, its new owner can be assured the car will be just as much in demand in the future as it has been in the past. Just like its namesake, prepare to see the Boomerang return to the spotlight again…and again…and again…

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Jon Ulrich
Jon Ulrich(@jolrechhotmail)
6 years ago

This Maserati never gets old. As fresh and futuristic as it was all those years go.

Andrew Salt
Andrew Salt(@nacl)
6 years ago

I’m sure I saw this car on an episode of Space 1999…or was it Captain Scarlet, Thunderbirds or Joe 90?

Chuck Houlton
Chuck Houlton(@samhill)
6 years ago
Reply to  Andrew Salt

The Gerry Anderson programs didn’t use actual cars. They were props designed by Derek Meddings.


Guitar Slinger
Guitar Slinger(@gtrslngr)
6 years ago

The uncomfortable thing about this post is I purchased the R&T issue the day it hit the news stands that featured the Boomerang when it first went public . Oh well … you know you’re getting up there when everything nostalgic today was all brand spanking new to you back then . Eeesh … :p