Gear: Motor Affair's 'Your Car As Art' Is Now Available Through The Petrolicious Shop

Motor Affair’s ‘Your Car As Art’ Is Now Available Through The Petrolicious Shop

By Andrew Golseth
April 20, 2017

You wake up extra early on a Sunday; you’ve worked all week toward this moment. After sipping down the rest of your coffee, you grab your favorite set of keys and beeline it to the garage. The garage door whines open as you climb into your weekend driver. You fire up the motor and just before you reverse out of the stable to head for your favorite driving road, your phone rings.

You’re not in your car; you’re sitting at your office desk daydreaming on a workday, sitting, waiting, wishing you were living that picturesque driving scenario. But hey, something’s gotta pay for petrol, so you’re stuck doing the 9 to 5. Instead of getting down about the realities of how much time you spend grinding versus driving, why not treat your office walls and your eyes with a tasty piece of artwork made specifically for you?

Sound intriguing? If it doesn’t, it might be time to get a different car because this made-to-order artwork offer is meant to capture your personal motorcar in a unique way for display. San Diego-based auto enthusiast and artist Patrick Stevenson from Motor Affair is now crafting custom car artwork just for you.

The process begins with a high-resolution photograph of your choice. Patrick then uses the provided image for a stencil base to capture the correct proportions of your car. After precise recreation of your vehicle’s posed blueprint, the digital line work is printed on high quality canvas available in five different sizes ranging from 12×16-inch (Small) all the way up 32×48-inch (XX-Large).

Once the skeleton is applied to the canvas size of your choosing, a digital layer of color is applied to mimic the affects of lighting that best suits the lines of your machine. Patrick works directly with you for optimal hues, which are selected considering your vehicle’s finish with added complementary colors mixed to match whatever room you plan on hanging the finished product in. The artists then hand brushes clear acrylic paints to add depth and texture, adding layers to raise the surface of your car’s curves and shapes, which makes the subject pop from the canvas. Due to this acrylic layering process, the piece changes throughout the day depending on the intensity of natural light.

The end result is an honest one-of-one custom creation that captures your car in all its go fast glory. This is a love letter to your garage queen, show car, track toy, canyon carver, weekend racer, whatever, it’s the automobile that you love. Why not celebrate it even when you’re not able to log time behind the wheel? It’s an investment that might just make your workweek go by a little quicker, bringing you closer to making that Sunday dream drive a reality. To have your car transformed into something you can hang and admire, see details for ordering in the Petrolicious Shop.

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