Journal: Nine Classic Car Drivers Who Are Making Summer Count

Nine Classic Car Drivers Who Are Making Summer Count

By Petrolicious Productions
August 10, 2015

Wow, you’ve been busy! Photos tagged with #drivetastefully this week have been exceptional, including one particular shot of an Aston Martin at the top of a mountain! Other highlights include a rare Alpina and a rare sighting of a French car on American license plates…in Indonesia!

A beautiful Porsche 911 shot in front of a beautiful mural, by @p911r. We don’t often comment on the discussion thread, but for this photo, it’s worth a read! Another one of @dancali’s intriguing shots, this time a seen-very-little-in-the-U.S.-Rover P5B. Finally, @curves.n.carburators says: “Aston Martin DB4GT on top of Mount Equinox, VT”. We say: wow.

Let’s get this straight. @pramuditto’s photo was taken in Indonesia of a Peugeot 504, but the car wears California license plates? Looks good. The highlight of this week, however, comes from @Sportfahrer, who says: “I already drove 5500 kilometers this year with the ALPINA. I went to the Mille Miglia, San Bernardino, Splügen, Maloja, Stelvio, Gavia, to the Lake Garda and to the 50 years of ALPINA Jubilee. Guess he deserves a little break now.” Keep on, sir! Last, a great shot by @remi of a 1960 Fiat 500 “Giardiniera”—the scene looks straight of of 1960, too! 

There’s something about seeing a Ford Mustang in Europe that brings us joy. In this case, @axelahoi captured a nice orange example. @cobrachris427 says, “Nice early start at Queens Square this morning.” Indeed—and those tires look quite modern! And last but not least, @parvinder_s got this Ferrari 328 GTB and sums the near-exotic up perfectly: “Almost a rare sight”.

Remember, tag your photos with #drivetastefully on Instagram and don’t be surprised if we feature your work in an upcoming edition.

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Emily Lopez
Emily Lopez
8 years ago

Classic cars always elicits a luxury drive with one or the other way . These cars have the issues of safety and new features that are currently taken into count with a lot of new inventions that are on the way on automotive sector. There’s a lot more to go if we are keep on inventing these tech-rich vehicles with the help of new invention.

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