Gear: One For The Rally Fans: The Group B 30th Anniversary Art Box Set

One For The Rally Fans: The Group B 30th Anniversary Art Box Set

By Andrew Golseth
February 2, 2017

Images by Ricardo Santos

Were you one of those crazy diehard Group B zealots spectating from the sidelines as snail-fed, gravel-slinging, mud-flapped machines raced past you, just inches from your manic encore? If you’re a Group B fanatic, than this tasteful art box set was made for you.

Artist Ricardo Santos has a signature style in digitizing automobiles. His latest work is a timely celebration of Group B’s 30th anniversary since the high-risk motorsport’s disbandment in 1986. With just 200 of these limited edition art box sets produced, Group B enthusiasts need to move faster than a Lancia Delta S4 in order to champion a set for their own collection.

Every set contains 10 illustrations of Group B’s most iconic entrants: the Peugeot 205 T16, Lancia Delta S4, Audi Quattro E2, MG Metro 6R4, and Ford RS200. Each car has two unique pieces, one full-page side profile action shot and a second featuring both the front and rear profiles in tandem. Exquisitely detailed, vibrantly colored, and brilliantly captured, every set has been signed and numbered by the artist himself, Ricardo Santos.

With only three years of competition, The Golden Era of Rallying may have been a short-lived motorsport division, but its endearing history will remain in the hearts of rally lovers forever. With this Group B 30th Anniversary Art Box Set, the fearless all-terrain champions of yesteryear are immortalized for your viewing pleasure.

Head on over to the Petrolicious Shop to order your box set today.

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