Gear: Our Friends At Unique And Limited Just Released The Ultimate Mille Miglia Poster

Our Friends At Unique And Limited Just Released The Ultimate Mille Miglia Poster

By Petrolicious Productions
May 31, 2016

 Can you recall the history behind BMW’s historic overall triumph at the 1940 Gran Premio Brescia delle Mille Miglia? “BMW won the Mille Miglia?” you may wonder, especially if the E30 is your ride of choice from the propeller-badged German brand.

Unique and Limited specializes in bringing history to life through its artful and accurate renditions of motoring events, vehicles, and personalities. Sometimes, the firm revisits the past by recreating a beautiful racing poster; other times, it creates a scene (seemingly) out of thin air. That’s the case here, with its poster and screenprint made in tribute of BMW’s Mille Miglia triumph more than 75 years ago.

BMW had been prepared, and launched an all-out factory assault on the race, with the Nazi-backed team eager to display its impressive aerodynamic technology, as well as its expert drivers. As Unique and Limited notes, “The driver [of this car] was no other than Fritz Huschke von Hanstein, an official driver entered by the SS and ordered to take home the trophy. Adolf Hühnlein—head of the NS Motor Corps—asked co-driver, Walter Bäumer, to remain on the passenger seat in order to avoid taking any risk by a driver change.”

Unique and Limited’s screen print shows this driver change—immortalizing an event from the past that’s definitely been rendered with more care and attention than the average black-and-white image from that era.

You can shop for these limited editions from Unique and Limited for the poster and print, while several of their most popular works are available directly from the Petrolicious Shop.

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Ankur Atri
Ankur Atri
8 years ago

I’m confused, the top drawing shows von Hanstein and Walter Baumer doing a driver change, but the article says they were instructed not to do a driver change. So did they do a driver change or not? Is it just artistic license?

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