Gear: BMW Posters Designed for Fellow Collectors

BMW Posters Designed for Fellow Collectors

By Petrolicious Productions
July 14, 2014

Recently launched online shop Faraz features an introductory series of conceptual BMW prints for fellow collectors. Mr. Mo Faraz, the designer behind the art, uses this platform to share his ideas and knowledge with other enthusiasts and owners like himself. He has owned a handful of vintage cars himself, including an Alfa Romeo Alfetta GT, a BMW 2002, and a BMW E9 CSi, and has used his experiences with these cars to formulate the inspiration behind his designs.

The poster “Well Traveled” is the story between man and machine, and how pedigree is crucial to creating a fine grand touring car. “Quantum Click” conveys the need to get away from the technology overload in society and return to a simple mechanical machine that is further removed from virtual influences. “Typical Revolution” tells the story of a person wanting to buy and own a classic car and finally taking the chance.

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Benjamin Shahrabani
9 years ago

Very cool. However I’m running out of wall space…and I’m a Porsche guy. 😀

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