Gear: Cars and Films Focuses on the Real Heroes

Cars and Films Focuses on the Real Heroes

By Petrolicious Productions
February 3, 2015

The website says it’s “a series of posters about cars and films”, but that’s really an understatement. Cars and Films is Spanish graphic designer and illustrator Jesús Prudencio’s personal project, highlighting his personal affection and spin on the finer points of what transformed these cars into icons larger than their on-screen roles. Prudencio’s work has been featured in a variety of publications and he’s worked with many clients but what really matters is that there are posters to suit every taste.

Remember A Clockwork Orange and its Durango 95? Yeah, it was actually an Adams Brothers Probe 16 but there’s a print of it. Were you a fan of Breaking Bad? Take your pick, you can get either Walter White’s Pontiac Aztek or Heisenberg and Jesse’s infamous RV (with a plume of smoke rising from its vent). And there is plenty more to choose from including Mad Max, Thelma and Louise, Grand Budapest Hotel, The A-Team, and Le Mans. Have a look and see if you can find your favorite film or tv show’s star.

Check out Cars and Films to see even more terrific prints or to get your own.

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redboxtv apkapp
redboxtv apkapp
5 years ago

I still remember my father used to say about that cars since he was very interested in buying cars that time. He said that I watched plenty good movies based on cars on as it’s the only app that provide all that stuff with easy access to the contents.

Evan Bedford
Evan Bedford
9 years ago

I was hoping to see the Messerschmitt from the movie Brazil. But I’ll settle for the Durango 95.

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