Gear: Cars That Are Just As Famous As the Stars

Cars That Are Just As Famous As the Stars

By Petrolicious Productions
July 25, 2013

Illustrator and graphic designer Jesús Prudencio of Seville, Spain, uses his artistic talents to create modern posters for classic films. In his “Cars and Films” collection, he demonstrates that cars can establish themselves as the main character in their respective film. Each vehicle featured in Prudencio’s posters plays a prominent role within the film’s plot and demonstrates that a car can be just as recognizable as the A-List actor sitting behind the wheel. For example, when one thinks of the Italian Job, three iconic Mini-Cooper S’s cornering the tightly knit streets of Turin come to mind just as quickly as Michael Caine’s countless witty remarks.

These original works of art are fairly priced and make for some unique décor. The poster even includes specifics regarding the picture car. All of this is neatly placed on a colored background that compliments these notable machines wonderfully.

Click here to see more of Prudencio’s posters and to pick some up for yourself.

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10 years ago

Very nice! Here’s another Back to the Future poster by Gianmarco Magnani, I love his work, some very nice prints, a few cars and of course the iconic passport.

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