Journal: Owner Restores King of Ferraris, an F40 LM

Owner Restores King of Ferraris, an F40 LM

By Petrolicious Productions
August 9, 2013

Not many would argue against the F40 being one of the greatest supercars there ever was, in fact, it could be argued to be the greatest single Ferrari of all-time. In keeping with these lofty labels, they’re notoriously expensive machines to maintain, and like any old car, disuse exacerbates the problem. Every few years, foam fuel cells need replacing at great expense, not to mention turbos, cam belts, and a dozen other things that all require engine-out jobs. This week, we share a mechanical and cosmetic restoration of the king of all F40s, the LM.

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Anth C
Anth C

Thanks Michael 🙂

Michael Nash
Michael Nash

[url=””]Here you go, everyone. Pictures and all.[/url]

Vincent P
Vincent P

Looks like you have to register to the forms to see the pics. 🙁