Journal: Owning, Driving, and Documenting the Sixth-ever Porsche 928

Owning, Driving, and Documenting the Sixth-ever Porsche 928

By Petrolicious Productions
June 6, 2013

Despite what the controversy may lead you to believe, we love the Porsche 928. Owning any example of Zuffenhausen’s exotic and beautiful V8 GT supercoupe would be a privilege, let alone the sixth one ever made—the very one lucky Rennlist member and car owner Jadz928 details in an amazing 32-page-long thread.

Apparently “number six” was used as a press car, and the thread even includes presonal correspondence with legendary Road & Track journalist and Porschephile Joe Rusz—it was the first 928 he ever drove. Full of fascinating insight and period magazine and press shots of this important car, it’s a great read that we highly recommend.

Click here to read the full thread.

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Jim Doerr
Jim Doerr
11 years ago

Thanks for the “shout out” team Petro! 🙂

Ownership of this ‘Number Six’ 928 has been an awesome journey, life changing, matter of fact. It spawned a 928 restorarion business, [url=””]928 Classics[/url], and the aquistion of [url=””]the first 928 produced, Number One.[/url]

The plan is to have #6 ready for PCA concours preservation class by 2015. Also, by the end of the year will have #6 registered with the [url=””]HVA and FIVA [/url]. Keep checking back in on [url=””]the #6 thread[/url], as it stays very active.

Thanks again!
Jim Doerr, 928 Classics
AKA ‘Jadz928’ on Rennlist

Alan Franklin
11 years ago
Reply to  Jim Doerr


That’s an incredible story, thanks for sharing!

How did you come to find the first-ever car?

Congrats on turning your passion into a business!

Jim Doerr
Jim Doerr
11 years ago
Reply to  Alan Franklin

Thanks Alan! 🙂

Feel free to read up on the #1 acquisition here: [url=””]Locked & Loaded[/url]
and here: [url=””]Early Porsche 928 restoration – “Number One”, Preproduction Press Car (#1RC)[/url]

Kind regards,
Jim Doerr – [url=””]928 Classics[/url]

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