Journal: Pagani Celebrates 20 Years Of The Zonda With Five Special Models At Salon Privé

Pagani Celebrates 20 Years Of The Zonda With Five Special Models At Salon Privé

By News Desk
August 16, 2019

2019 marks 20 years since Pagani Automobili launched its highly acclaimed Zonda supercar to a stunned public at the Geneva Motor Show. Its futuristic lines, exquisite detailing and warp-speed performance are still as impressive as ever, especially since company founder Horatio has never really stopped refining the basic design. Every model built has featured a mid-mounted AMG-fettled V12 powerplant but capacities and power outputs have risen steadily. Whereas the original C12 had a 444hp 6.0-liter unit, the newer variants had increased in size to 7.3-liters and the final cars were pushing out 789hp.

While fewer than 150 Zondas have been built over the past two decades, there have been over a dozen derivatives and many have undergone bespoke upgrades at the factory in the intervening years. The introduction of the Rinascimento program also allows owners to have their cars restored to original specification with factory certification. Pagani will be displaying a special selection of Zondas at the upcoming Salon Privé, from the original C12 that started it all to a 2005 F Roadster and such rarities as the one of three Tricolore and the exclusive one-off 760 Oliver Edition.

Salon Privé co-founder and sales director David Bagley said that the event and Pagani had a strong connection, “Salon Privé and Pagani Automobili go back a long way. We have welcomed Horacio [pictured above] and his team as well as many owners from the UK and abroad to countless editions of the event —I don’t think I can recall an edition where there wasn’t at least one Pagani on display.” Visitors will be able to see these special vehicles as well as many more at the upcoming Salon Privé event, which will be taking place between 5 and 8 September.

Images courtesy of Salon Prive and Pagani

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