Travel: Salon Privé 2015: A Pretty Palace and Prettier Cars

Salon Privé 2015: A Pretty Palace and Prettier Cars

By Nat Twiss
September 9, 2015

Photography by Nat Twiss

A UNESCO World Heritage Site and a collection of timeless automobiles from every era. Where were you this past weekend—and why was it not spent at Salon Privé?

Blenheim Palace is essentially the perfect place to host a luxury automotive event like Salon Privé. The beautiful 18th Century building was the birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill, who, as a lover of the finer things in life, would most definitely approve of the event taking place on the south lawn, and I imagine would be astonished at some of the machinery on display as he sauntered around the marquees, Pommery in hand, and belly full of the lobster they served the guests at lunch.

The event opened with the focus on the exquisite entries in the Concours D’Elegance, with the land speed record breaking Jaguar XK120 ‘Jabbeke’ taking the overall win against some fierce competition, including a Delahaye 135M and more Ferrari 250 versions than you could dream of.

The following day, the guests are encouraged to don their finest for the Ladies’ Day, and the event is capped off with a schedule solely for modern supercars, including some parades around the lawn and grounds of the palace.

Very few events are able to match the boasts they make, but Salon Privé does exactly what it says: the ultra luxury lifestyle, surrounded by some of the rarest, most expensive cars on earth, and a stunning setting to match. We can’t wait to see where the event goes next year.

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Andrew Salt
Andrew Salt
8 years ago

A rare glimpse in to the world of how the other half (well, the other 0.00001\%) live. Not that I’m jealous in any way, of course.
Thank you Nat for putting yourself in harms way.

Erwan Brillot
Erwan Brillot
8 years ago

Oh my god, those cars!

Still, cars must be on the road (for us to have a chance to see it 🙂 )

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