Journal: Petrolicious Talks: Vintage & Club Racing In Partnership With AETHER

Petrolicious Talks: Vintage & Club Racing In Partnership With AETHER

By Petrolicious Productions
February 2, 2017

This is a free event, click here to register.

Since we launched Petrolicious we’ve had the idea to get some of the most talented people we know in one room together, pour a bit of scotch, and get to chatting. By no means are we trying to reinvent the wheel here, but our community spends so much time interacting with each other digitally that sometimes we forget the power of a proper evening together.

Once again, our pals at Aether Apparel offered to host our next Petrolicious Talks party, this time focusing on vintage and club racing. Have you ever dreamt of wheeling your beloved classic around the smooth tarmac of a well-sculpted circuit, but denied yourself the driving pleasure from apprehension? Fear of putting your investment at risk or intimidated by inexperience?

We all have to start somewhere—nobody was born a professional driver—and if there’s one type of racing that’s quick to get comfortable with, it’s vintage racing. Surrounded by like-minded classic car driving enthusiasts, you’ll be surprised with the comradery and care that surrounds the sport.

If you’re on the pit wall on whether to give vintage racing a go, or if you’re already a proponent of the pastime, join us for an evening of inspiration as Petrolicious founder Afshin Behnia talks all things vintage and club racing with American driver Derek Hill, Anthony Rimicci of Santo’s Italian Car Service, and Porsche racer Kevin Roush.

AETHER Apparel 161 S. La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036

February 15th 2017

Discussion starts at 7:30PM

Drinks will be served.

We’d love for you to join us. Attendance is free to the public, but space is limited.

Please register here to guarantee entrance to the event.


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Christopher Gay
Christopher Gay
7 years ago

I finally had an opportunity to watch this recorded event, and I really appreciated the panel discussion from all involved. Derek Hill’s perspective and stories ring particularly true.

Thank you, Petrolicious, for putting this on. Well done!

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