News: Petrolista-in-Charge Afshin Behnia Interviewed by Cars Yeah

Petrolista-in-Charge Afshin Behnia Interviewed by Cars Yeah

By Petrolicious Productions
October 9, 2014

Cars Yeah hosts interviews with inspiring automotive enthusiasts and people who work in their field of passion, automobiles. During the interview, they take listeners on a journey regarding what it’s like to be an automotive enthusiast and business entrepreneur, or collector. The discussion touches upon the personalities’ challenges, successes, and what they’re excited about right now. Earlier this week, they interviewed Petrolicious founder Afshin Behnia.

Host Mark Greene conducts a comprehensive interview touching on a wide variety of automotive subjects that cover Afshin’s background, well-documented love for Alfa Romeo, and the “aha” moment related to how Petrolicious came to be.

If you’d like to know more about Afshin or the Petrolicious story, this interview is a great resource. Check it out here.

If you like it, head over to Cars Yeah and check out other interesting interviews with Peter Brock, Rob Sass, and fellow Petrolista Frank Mandarano.

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samir shirazi
9 years ago

Im addicted to read here everyday! many thanks Afshin

9 years ago

Such a brilliant insight. Petrolicious definitely honed my passion to a point where the value of cars for me has extended beyond a need to just drive fast, but to appreciate a machine for who it is as well as what it does.

I may have missed this information somewhere before, but I’d be real interested in a ‘behind the scenes’ on one of the stunning films from petrolicious, from choice of location, methods for filming, and maybe a portion of the cameras used, mics and other gear related information. It would be a good combination of interests for me.

B Bop
B Bop
9 years ago

Afshin Behnia, the acknowledged “Alfa Male”! Wonderful interview, and thanks for a great site.

Afshin Behnia
Afshin Behnia
9 years ago
Reply to  B Bop

Thanks B Bop! It’s been a lot of fun so far.

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