Journal: Porsche Just Gave The 991.1 GT3 The World's Best Engine Warranty

Porsche Just Gave The 991.1 GT3 The World’s Best Engine Warranty

By Alex Sobran
August 10, 2017

We love 911 GT3s. Even without the manual ‘box, the model has been the demarcation between casual car enthusiasts looking for a nice 911 to commute with and those who put more stock in skid pad numbers than looking good. However, the 991.1 version of the track-attacker 911—model years 2014-2016—had a few growing pains early on. Some of these troubles involved engines that created fire outside of the combustion chamber, AKA, the wrong place. Not happy with the fact that their cars were igniting, nor thrilled by misfiring motors that would reportedly encounter the issue in the higher rev-ranges, GT3 owners had righteous reason to complain.

A US-based group drafted up some concerns, sent them to Porsche, and awaited their reply. Porsche’s answer? How about the best warranty you’re likely to find anywhere. Besting even the Corollas and Civics of the world, Porsche’s given their 991.1 GT3 a 10-year, 120,000-mile warranty. On a car literally advertised as belonging at a racetrack. On a car with a high-strung, naturally-aspirated 475hp motor. It’s a bold move, and a decidedly honorable response to the issue. Perhaps now we’ll see GT3 owners really going for the last few tenths on their lap times now. Our question to you is: which other sports and super cars would you like to see with more forgiving warranties?

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6 years ago

It’s not a blanket warranty. From what I understand (being part of that group) the regular warranty maintains. The additional warranty is for a SPECIFIC condition that may develop in the camshaft/finger follower equipment.

6 years ago
Reply to  Sean

Yup ! But at least they’re doing something about their woes .. unlike say … Ferrari .. Lamborghini etc – et al that are more than glad to let their customers stew in the mess the companies themselves created .

But …. ahhh … the new GT3 .. manual is back on the options list … ahhh .. cause once again unlike everyone else … at least Porsche tries to pays attention to their customer base

Which is to say for all their ills . of which there are and have been many .. Porsche’s still a damn sight better than everyone else … including dare I say it .. Chevrolet /Corvette

Note to Alex … in future please make an effort to get the specifics straight before making such unsubstantiated blanket statements ? Accuracy … a rare trait these days .. but one that will serve you well in the long run … 😎

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