Lifestyle: Race-Weathered Ferrari 250TR Model Makes Vintage Racer ‘Affordable’

Race-Weathered Ferrari 250TR Model Makes Vintage Racer ‘Affordable’

By News Desk
January 21, 2020

For most of us, being able to own a vintage Ferrari is a tad out of reach, and the ability to purchase a Ferrari 250TR that raced at the 1958 24 Hours of Le Mans is even more exclusive to those in the ‘one per cent’.

However, the Amalgam Collection brings this kind of motorsport provenance to the masses with its latest 1:8 scale model, this one of the famed ‘Lucybelle II’ Ferrari that finished 7th overall at the famous French endurance race.

As with all models in the company’s collection, this 250TR shows intricate detailing all around, from the ‘Testarossa’ red engine covers, to the individual wires in the wheels, to every aspect of the interior. But what sets this model apart is the fact that it looks like it just finished driving for 24 hours on a rough track. There’s dirt everywhere, including in the cracks around the windshield base, in the wheel wells and inside the engine bay; black soot crawls up the rear bodywork over the exhaust; there are even little pieces of tape holding on the headlight covers. This particular car was driven by privateers Ed Hugus and Ray ‘Ernie’ Erickson and sports their number 22 on the doors.

Amalgam used digital scanning on the original car for complete accuracy, and it has been scrutinized by Ferrari engineers and designers for further assurance of quality. Of course, even a 1:8 scale Ferrari racer isn’t for everyone: only three of these special race-weathered models will be available at $13,970 each. Yikes!

*Images courtesy of Amalgam Collection

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