Journal: Stop What You're Doing And Drool At The Ferrari Finali Mondiali

Stop What You’re Doing And Drool At The Ferrari Finali Mondiali

By Ted Gushue
December 12, 2016

It’s safe to say that if you were ignorant of the Ferrari Finali Mondiali last weekend, you were likely living under some sort of carbon fibre wrapped rock. For three days our instagram feeds were bombarded by non-stop Ferrari pornography. Cars that were thought long extinct, or simply non-existent made track appearances. Guinness world records were attempted.

If you had been there it likely would have been a scene punctuated by more Dads in ill-fitting baseball caps than a 1920’s Cubs game. If we had been there, we would not have left the glorious concours d’elegance happening in the eye of the storm. It’s one thing to see an FXX rip around the track at Mach 1. It’s an entirely separate thing to see a 250TR parked next to a 250LM…behind a pile of 250GTs.

For those who were not there, our friend and colleague Drew Phillips was on the scene to capture the aura in all its glow. Scroll through a selection of his finest work from the weekend, and don’t forget to follow him on Instagram for more of this…all the time.

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