Journal: Retrace the Steps of Three Racing Legends

Retrace the Steps of Three Racing Legends

By Petrolicious Productions
March 21, 2013

Colin McRae, Sir Stirling Moss, Sir Jackie Stewart—all three are indisputable racing legends, which also happens to be the name of this superb BBC documentary series we recently stumbled across. Each video follows the path of a driver through time, illustrating the history behind their heroic careers with the aid of family, friends, colleagues, and competitors alike.

All three videos feature a different host, each one a charming and accomplished Brit in their own respective fields: Chris Hoy, a six-time gold winning Olympic track cyclist presents Colin McRae’s story, Patrick Stewart (yep, Captain Picard!) presents Stirling Moss’s, and UK celebrity chef James Martin presents Jackie Stewart’s story. All three are equally passionate about their personal heroes, and speak with genuine and infectious enthusiasm. These qualities, when combined with the BBC’s traditionally high production values, makes for some excellent late-evening home viewing. Grab a snack and an adult beverage, dim the lights and get comfy—we promise you’re in for a treat regardless of which video you choose.

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5 years ago

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Paul Steel
Paul Steel
11 years ago

Good series, I hope the BBC expand on it. For those of you that don’t know James Martin (celebrity chef) he is well known in the UK petrolhead world as a proper car enthusiast, he is guardian to an impressive collection of cars, last year he made a great documentary about his entry in the Mille Miglia, in a 1948 Maserati, half decent cook too!

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