Gear: Rear View Prints' Artwork Is Now Available In The Shop

Rear View Prints’ Artwork Is Now Available In The Shop

By Alex Sobran
March 23, 2017

When you’re a car and racing enthusiast who wants to be surrounded by what you love, it can be difficult to fill up wall space in a way that properly lionizes your passions for automobiles without falling over that precarious line into dorm room poster-type “decorating.” Because no matter how cool the subject matter may be, glossy magazine tear-outs with mismatched thumbtacks holding their curled edges onto the wall is not the best look for anyone who isn’t a member of a study group.

Thankfully there are artists out there to help keep things looking proper while indulging our love for all things car, and Petrolicious is proud to carry a selection of Rear View Prints’ work in our shop.

All that above isn’t to say that the work of Rear View Prints comes from a place of boring and staid maturity though—the trios in each print are brought into cheerful existence with full-bodied color, and just the right amount of defining details. At home in the garage or hung up in your favorite room of the house, the presence of this collection will never be overbearing nor too subtle to spot; the layout, colors, choice of vehicles, and the style in which they’re rendered all come together in harmony.

Beyond the simple and distinctive style of presentation are the special subjects being treated to Rear View Prints’ artistic touch: each piece features a column of three unique or otherwise impactful road, sports, and race cars. It’s one thing to just pick a handful of the typical super popular machines and cash in, but that’s not what’s going on here. The vehicles chosen come together in a coherent grouping with a common thread linking them all together to tell the story of a famous car’s evolution like the Porsche 917 in one example, the treatment of which includes three of the model’s most definitive variants and liveries. Another assortment that demonstrates the careful selection process can be seen in the Jaguar Standard of Luxury print. With just three cars—the XK120, E-Type, and XJR-9—the history and evolution of the marque is captured on a single piece of thick 300gsm paper.

Beyond the single-model permutations like the 917s and the exploration of marques like what’s been done with the Jags, Rear View Prints also takes a successful cut at capturing the automotive essence of entire countries. In taking on the lofty challenge of distilling Italy’s greatest down to just a handful of representatives, it’s hard to argue with the mixture when it consists of an Alfa Romeo 8C, a Ferrari 250 GTO, and a Lamborghini Countach.

So if you’ve been frustrated by overly splashy or overtly “man cave”-style artwork, these high-quality minimalist prints might be the perfect shield against bad taste. Printed in deep color on rugged stock, this artwork is at once lithely modern and perfectly vintage. You can now browse our selection of Rear View Prints in the Petrolicious shop.

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