Journal: Footage of Alpine A110 Winning 1973 World Rally Championship

Footage of Alpine A110 Winning 1973 World Rally Championship

By Petrolicious Productions
November 7, 2013

Introduced at the Paris motor show in 1972, the Renault Alpine A110 was exactly what the doctor ordered for Renault’s motorsports program. A punchy four-cylinder engine shrouded in a lightweight fiberglass/polymer body was the perfect recipe for rally championship dreams. The Alpine A110 is a rarity on roads, but its exotic shape and famous championship history earned it a place in enthusiasts hearts the world over. Even though ergonomics were an afterthought when developing the car (professional and amateur drivers alike have to shoehorn into the car), the love of thrills replaced the need for comfort.

Below, some archival footage from the 1973 inaugural season of the FIA World Rally Championship shows the firm victor, a Renault Alpine A110, in action, racing through water and along dirt roads in the desert. Even if you don’t speak French, you can get the gist that rally drivers from this time period worried more about the drive itself than sponsor-graffiti fire suits.

Click here to view our photos of a Renault Alpine A110 cruising through the French countryside.

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1 year ago

thanks, your website is good and nice

Диан Димитров
Диан Димитров(@fb_100000477904888)
8 years ago

nice donkey:)

Oussama Ouadani
Oussama Ouadani(@monoman03)
8 years ago

What an incredible sport.

Jonathan W.C. Mills
Jonathan W.C. Mills(@jonathanwcmills)
8 years ago

[b]AMAZING FOOTAGE[/b] I work at Petrolicious and this is why. We discover, produce and create some of the best material on the web and this little gem of a segment is a perfect example. Tight, great period music, awesome driving, big hair. exotic locations. Good. Stuff.