News: Singer To Celebrate 10-Years Of Special Porsche 911 Commissions At Goodwood Festival Of Speed

Singer To Celebrate 10-Years Of Special Porsche 911 Commissions At Goodwood Festival Of Speed

By News Desk
June 28, 2019

Singer Vehicle Design has been transforming classic air-cooled 911s into bespoke creations for its clients since 2009, and to celebrate it will be returning to the Goodwood Festival of Speed to showcase both its current and upcoming designs. One of these is the 500hp air-cooled Dynamics and Lightweighting Study (DLS), which is returning to the Festival for a second year. It will be wrapped in a special livery for the event, which will also mark the culmination of its four-year development phase. The DLS is the result of a collaboration between Singer, Williams Advanced Engineering and a formation of technical partners, including Michelin, Bosch, Brembo, BBS Motorsports, Hewland, Recaro and Momo.

Singer’s founder and creative director Rob Dickinson notes, “We want to highlight the achievement and celebrate with the enthusiasts at Goodwood the epic results of the teamwork we have fostered over four years of extraordinary focus to reimagine the most advanced air-cooled Porsche 911.” The DLS will be running up the hillclimb all weekend, where onlookers can fully appreciate its 9000rpm rev-limit and dynamic abilities. This is no one-off concept either as Singer is preparing to restore 75 cars to the Dynamics and Lightweighting Study principles at its Singer at Grove facility in Oxfordshire in the UK.

The DLS is undoubtedly an impressive technical achievement, but so is every Porsche 911 that leaves Singer’s factory. The ‘Sussex’ commission is the latest such car to be ‘re-imagined’ by Singer, and it will be making its debut on the hillclimb. Its owner wanted a daily-driver that could also be used on the track; it comes fitted with a 4.0-liter air-cooled flat-six with a ceramic plenum, six-speed H-pattern manual transmission and, as with all of Singer’s builds, is based on a 964 model 911. In this case, it’s a 1990 model, finished in Attack Grey and wearing a set of Fuchs design wheels. The interior may have seats designed for track use but its dual-purpose design can be seen in details like the stereo, air-conditioning and a navigation system.

Another special commission which has just been announced is the ‘Mulholland’. It showcases the capabilities of Singer’s ‘Special Wishes’ program and in this case follows the client’s brief to have a 911 that provides an undiluted, visceral experience.

As Singer explains, “It makes few concessions to touring ability and is focused on providing an intense experience on a favorite road. Inspired by Mulholland Highway—the scenic canyon located above the Pacific Coast Highway in Los Angeles—the car is a celebration of the unadulterated, analog, driving experience”. Essentially the ‘Mulholland’ commission is all about enjoying your favorite stretch of road in a car designed specifically for it, as such it is the ultimate bespoke vehicle, making one lucky client’s dreams a reality.

You can see Singer at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, Sussex, UK, July 4-7.

Images courtesy of Singer Vehicle Design

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