News: Singer Will Make Its Geneva Debut With The Dynamics And Lightweighting Study

Singer Will Make Its Geneva Debut With The Dynamics And Lightweighting Study

By News Desk
February 26, 2019

The seldom-seen results of Singer’s Dynamics and Lightweighting Study (DLS) will be shown on the Michelin stand in Hall 5 at the Geneva motor show from March 5-17, 2019. Working with Williams Advanced Engineering—part of the UK-based Williams Grand Prix Engineering Group—and other technical partners including Michelin, Singer Vehicle Design went in pursuit of the most advanced air-cooled Porsche 911 in the world, inspired by Singer client and Porsche enthusiast Scott Blattner’s request for lightweighting and high-performance enhancements for his 1990 Porsche 964.

The result has received plenty of publicity and was one of the stars of the 2018 Goodwood Festival of Speed, but this is another chance to see it—and it’s worth seeing up-close to appreciate the extent of the work that has gone into it. That includes the normally-aspirated, aircooled Porsche flat-six, developed by Williams Advanced Engineering with technical advice and consultancy from legendary Porsche engineer Hans Mezger. It’s reckoned to produce 500hp at 9000rpm, makes extensive use of magnesium and lightweight materials to reduce mass, and runs on lightweight throttle bodies with F1-inspired upper and lower injectors to optimize performance and drivability.

Williams Advanced Engineering also worked with former Porsche race engineer Norbert Singer to re-assess every surface of the car through computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis. As a result, front axle lift was eliminated by the redesign of the front oil-cooler intake and venting, and a new front splitter, the shape of the famous ducktail spoiler was optimized, and the roof channel and roof/rear window spoiler redesigned to work with the ducktail and diffuser to generate downforce at rear. To reduce weight, every panel is now carbon fiber bodywork, unique to DLS, and the engine has been moved forward and other components reallocated to the front trunk area for better mass distribution.

It also features ABS, traction control and electronic stability control (ESC) systems calibrated for DLS by Bosch, lightweight multi-link, double wishbone, front suspension and aluminium rear trailing arms, with integral brake cooling, bespoke mass-optimized dampers with remote adjustment, a Hewland six-speed gearbox and Brembo CCM-R carbon ceramic high performance, lightweight brake discs  and monobloc calipers. Rob Dickinson, founder and creative director of Singer Vehicle Design summarises: “Singer Vehicle Design’s philosophy for the last decade has been Everything is Important. No detail is too small to be worthy of consideration in pursuit of an encounter with perfection.”

Images courtesy of Singer Vehicle Design

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Albert Dexter
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4 years ago

The car is totally awesome! What a beauty! I wish could at least to touch it. This is not definitely that car that I could find in car rental Las Vegas airport. But at least I could enjoy reading and watching photos of this wonderful car.

Bryan Dickerson
Bryan Dickerson
4 years ago

What a car! My only little critique (other than not being able to afford one on 1000Xs my income!) is an aesthetic one. The huge wheels and ultra low profile tires leave me slightly cold. My “vintage” self wants to see some sidewall. Why is it that modern F-1 cars have taller tires but everything else keeps going to lower and lower profiles?