Journal: 2013 SoCal Vintage BMW Show Brings the Heat

2013 SoCal Vintage BMW Show Brings the Heat

By Ezekiel Wheeler
October 22, 2013

You’d never expect it to be nearly 90-degrees late October in Los Angeles, but it was. This didn’t stop showgoers from dusting off their prized roundel rides to display at the 2013 SoCal Vintage BMW show in Van Nuys, California, on the sprawling Woodley Park grounds.

Everything from early model 3.0 CS, nearly every example of BMW 2002 tuning trends to rare gems like real M2s and Batwing Bimmers. The SoCal Vintage show had it all, including food trucks—a Los Angeles staple.  

We spoke to owner of a recently restored to track perfection ‘71 BMW 2002 with AC Schnitzer box fender flares, roll cage, bronze panasports and stellar laguna blue paint. Radu, the owner, was happy to dive into how he came across the car. Having owned it for only a year he’d planned on sorting the car out for as a weekend driver.

Sadly, a driver in a minivan had other plans, after slamming into his car. Fortunately Radu went back to the owner who’d put the car originally and they decided to make the car a track warrior instead. A job well done if you’d ask me. It his all the right notes. Duckbill front spoiler, rally lights, box fenders filled with meaty track tires, a beefy roll-cage and a Mobil Pegasus to top things off. The SoCal Vintage BMW show was the cars first time out since being restored. “Talk to me in two weeks and the car will have some track wounds.” Radu happily proclaimed.

Another owner, Matt Schwartz, had his 1968 BMW 1600 on display with, what looked like years of well deserved patina. Once we caught up with him, he informed us that this was the first car he ever purchased, at 15 years old. Today, Matt is 22 and the car has been his daily driver since he brough it home. Over the years he’s added some tasteful go-fast parts and some interior bits to tout the cars hidden performance potential.

With shows like the SoCal Vintage BMW event, you’re bound to find cars you’d wished you owned. E28s glistening in the sun, M2s hidden in a sea of german performance bliss. It makes me want to run out and buy one just to be apart of the show.

Photography by Ezekiel Wheeler for Petrolicious

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