Featured: Sportscar Together Day: Sharing A Passion For Porsche

Sportscar Together Day: Sharing A Passion For Porsche

By Petrolicious Productions
June 8, 2018

Get in your car, shut the door, shut out the troubles of the world. It’s a cliché that we’ve all supported in some form or another, but while a solitary drive can be the best prescription for a stressful day or a celebratory end to a perfect one, the moments that elevate automobile ownership to a more meaningful place are those that we enjoy with others—this is how the machine in the garage becomes part of your life rather than a means of escaping it.

This takes almost limitless form: a grandfather explaining internal combustion to his granddaughter as she tip-toes behind the 911 he bought back in college, craning her neck to follow the length of the spark plug wires as he passes on his knowledge of a car that will one day be hers; two old friends flipping through grainy photographs of the 914 they restored in the garage of their tiny shared apartment as they plan the next project; a quick flash of the lights from a new Turbo to a 930 traveling in the opposite direction; strangers becoming driving buddies after a chance encounter at a gas station or a thumbs-up at a red light.

These moments can be ephemeral or they can mark the beginning of lasting relationships, but regardless of effect the important point is that a connection is made between people who are brought together by a shared enthusiasm for sports cars, however they use them. This kind of passionate community is easy to identify as a whole, but its members retain their individuality. It’s an intersection of unique people who are growing together, mixing, matching, and in doing so, forming a group that will transfer the passion to the next generation.

Porsche marks 70 years of sports car production in 2018. That’s 70 years of connecting people from around the world through something as seemingly single-purpose as a means to get from one place to another, and as this year’s Lüftgekuhlt demonstrated, there is no wrong way to approach the history of Porsche if it means you can enjoy it with someone else smiling next to you.

So rather than embarking on a drive with nobody next to you this weekend, enjoy the company of fellow Porsche enthusiasts this weekend, June 8th through the 10th, by joining the festivities of Sportscar Together Day. In multiple locations around the world—Porsche Experience Centers, dealerships, car shows—Porsche will celebrate 70 years of pursuing the perfect sports car with the drivers, artists, collectors, photographers, mechanics, and everyone else who contributes to the ongoing legacy of the marque. Of course, you can partake simply by taking a drive down your favorite road with your favorite person as co-pilot.

Watch the full Sportscar Together film at Luftgekühlt here

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5 years ago

Loved the porsche and always dreamed to have one.. Well today i can afford one but now the priorities have changed. 🙁 still happy for my loved ones 🙂

4 years ago
Reply to  homtonbridge0

LOL WHAT loved ones?????? You really are a hopeless cause if a Porsche is your idea of a dream car.

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