Travel: Students Show The Future Of Cars Is Bright

Students Show The Future Of Cars Is Bright

By Petrolicious Productions
September 4, 2015

We were recently invited to Art Center for a reception and mingle event with a very select group of transportation design graduate students. The event was to celebrate a collaboration with Jaguar and Art Center. In fact it was a great deal more than that, during the 12 week program the students and instructors worked closely with Ian Callum, Jaguar Design Director, and his team. This, amazingly, included inspiration, concept sketches, and final design approvals—for an experience to mirror a design studio.

Yes, these “kids” are extremely lucky.

All of us here went to a great school and had a fantastic education. But nowhere during our tenures was there a partnership like the one up at Art Center. They even had a television news crew covering this event, so these young bright stars of the design world had a chance to brush up on their media training for the future. That’s awesome.

While there were many wonderful designs we gravitated toward, one young man specifically caught our eye, Eirik Stensrud. We were drawn to Eirik’s work because he had chosen to focus on how we interact with cars, not just the way they looked. We’ill let Eirik’s own words from his design brief speak for him:

“How will we operate a car in the future when the technology becomes more and more complex? Today, we have touch screens in almost every modern vehicle but it can be operated with only one of our senses, our eyes, which should focus on the road. Jaguar 6th Sense Project uses the combination of our natural senses together with modern technology in order to create a stronger, safer and a more natural interaction with our car.”

We agree with him 100%: let’s focus on the road, shall we? Eirik presented a novel answer to his own question by offering tactile controls that asked the driver to use a different sense entirely, touch, to determine if a switch was “ON” or “OFF”.

It was quite inspiring and brilliant, and just the kind of thinking that we hope will one day make it into the future classics of tomorrow. Overall, the design work these young men and women put on display was quite inspiring, and we came away assured that the future of car design is in good hands. 

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Wayne Johnson
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Gary Stokley
Gary Stokley
7 months ago

It’s great that students see such a big future for cars. It’s nice to know that many students have such ambitious and global plans. I’m a student too, but many things are not easy for me. I recently had some trouble writing my thesis. I turned to professional thesis writers, and it helped me to cope with such a difficult task. I hope in the future it’ll be easier for me to cope with many things, and I also have more ambitions.

1 year ago

The students are the future of the country. They know what will be going well in the future as they are showing the future of the cars and the is bright. The collaboration of the design might reflect with the art that the new director is putting in the art center.

Sean Michael
Sean Michael
3 years ago

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Christopher Gay
Christopher Gay
6 years ago

I will agree, though, that yes, these “kids” are fortunate to have this experience. It is both inspiring and ambitious, and I can see in the student’s face that it was truly rewarding and time well spent, and not soon to be forgotten.

I think another experience they should have is to apprentice in a mechanic’s shop, apprentice in a woodworker’s/metalworker’s shop, and attend a professional driving school. 😮

Christopher Gay
Christopher Gay
6 years ago

When I look at that chart referring to the “Millennials” generation, I cannot help but think of the multitude of other words I would substitute to describe them. 😀

Let’s not get into stereotyping, however, lest I get a slap on the wrist.

I always enjoy seeing students’ work. These drawings surely assume that the roads of the future will be freshly paved and silky smooth… surely much better maintained than any roads I’ve ever seen. 😉

It would be nice to see some emphasis on efficiency/performance/vehicle dynamics rather than how to better interact with more peripherals. I do like and appreciate the problem solving approach, but it is the fundamental direction/problem that I cannot embrace. Maybe I’m just too old-fashioned.

I don’t want to be such a naysayer, but the premise of making it easier to multitask while driving so you can better focus on the road is complete oxymoron.

Now, if the car were driving itself….

Thanks for sharing.