Journal: Style Inspiration: Twiggy

Style Inspiration: Twiggy

By Petrolicious Productions
January 7, 2013

Sixties fashion icon Twiggy is known for her large eyes and long eyelashes, so it’s fitting that in real life she drove a Lamborghini Miura, a car with large orbs that seems to have eyelashes.  However, in her photos she easily morphs from English dandy using a Ford Mustang as a prop to the waif in her seemingly oversized Morris Mini.

We love when automotive design and fashion blend, because, after all, what we really love is beauty and both offer it up in spades.  Twiggy certainly falls in the line as we at Petrolicious love celebrities that love vintage cars.

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Who’s your car-loving celebrity idol?

1. Leather Weekend Bag / $875.00

2. Women’s Crochet and Leather Driving Gloves / $94.95 (Women’s Classico Italian Lambskin Driving Gloves are another great option / $94.95)

Photo Sources (from top left): Lamborghini Miura Eyelashes, Twiggy Eyelashes, Twiggy Driving Her Mini Cooper, Leather Weekend Bag, Twiggy Yellow, Twiggy Standing by Mustang, Twiggy Sitting on the Hood, Twiggy Mouth Open, Crochet Driving Gloves, Lamborghini Miura

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Andrew Adamides
Andrew Adamides
11 years ago

Twiggy also owned a gold Toyota 2000GT, one of two made in that colour for the Tokyo Motor Show. If I remember rightly, she was gifted the car after posing for pictures in it to publicise it (there are some pics [url=””]here[/url]) but could not drive at the time, so put it into storage. Toyota then bought it back from her and with the addition of psychedelic stripes, gave it to the producers of the notoriously-terrible TV sitcom [i]The Ugliest Girl in Town[/i] to use on screen. It is now restored and back in Toyota’s hands in one of their museums.

Christopher Gay
Christopher Gay
11 years ago

P.L. Newman

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