Journal: Take A Look At The Stunning F1 That McLaren Special Operations Has Restored Over The Last 18 Months

Take A Look At The Stunning F1 That McLaren Special Operations Has Restored Over The Last 18 Months

By News Desk
September 3, 2019

McLaren has for the majority of its long history been a race car manufacturer. Up until McLaren Automotive was incorporated in 2010, it had built just one road-going prototype (the M6GT) and one road-going production model, the Gordon Murray designed F1.

The raft of class-leading sports cars that have been introduced since 2010 has changed the face of the supercar segment forever, yet the F1 is still considered by many to be the unassailable benchmark when it comes to pure driving enjoyment. McLaren has always offered F1 owners unmatched support and maintenance and last year it expanded its services once again to include a McLaren F1 Certification program.

Ansar Ali, McLaren Special Operations managing director explains, “Just 12 months ago we announced the MSO McLaren F1 Heritage program with the unveiling of F1 25R, resplendent in Gulf Racing Colours. Following an extensive restoration, which was very much a labor of love for our team. With the work the team has carried out, this car will continue to fulfil the original brief for the McLaren F1; to create the world’s finest road car.”

The work carried out on Chassis #63 was completed over a period of 18 months and every aspect of the car was either rebuilt, renewed or replaced. The interior was re-trimmed in Semi-Aniline leather in Woking Grey with red driver’s seat inserts, a one-off choice for this car when new. The bodywork was repainted in the original Magnesium Silver paintwork, a process which took close on 900 hours to complete.

The 6.1-liter BMW V12 was completely rebuilt and tested to make sure that it produces its quoted 627hp, while other components like the dampers, driveshafts and even hubs were renewed to ensure that this F1 now has its own unique Certificate of Authenticity and looks and performs as it did when new.

The owner is also presented with a 3D laser-scanned scale model F1 and a bespoke illustrated book documenting the history of their car and the 3000 hours of painstaking work that went into getting it restored. The McLaren Special Operations (MSO) program is available for all 106 McLaren F1s built, which includes the 64 road cars and 28 GTR variants. With values seemingly spiraling out of control, this comprehensive restoration service is likely to be fully subscribed before long.

The F1 is going to be on display at the Concours of Elegance at Hampton Court on 6-8 September.

Images courtesy of McLaren

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2 years ago

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Nafis Malik
Nafis Malik
4 years ago

This looks absolutely amazing!

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