Gear: The 2020 Petrolicious Father’s Day Gift Guide

The 2020 Petrolicious Father’s Day Gift Guide

By Petrolicious Productions
May 29, 2020

Item groups can be found in the links below, and the full collection is available for browsing here.

Remember that guy who always made sure your go-kart and minibike had petrol in the tank? That guy who still has better advice than any Youtube video about getting your vehicle back on the road? Yes, that guy. Dad. Pops. Papa.

Father’s Day is just around the corner and it’s time to say thanks for those days he let you drive the backroads underage, or how he taught you to avoid riding the clutch, or for the hours of engine talk that, let’s be honest, could have been distilled down to two sentences.

Pick up one of these selected items or head on over to the Petrolicious Father’s Day Shop and show dad just how much you appreciate him.

Chopard (LINK)

Amalgam Collection (LINK)

Series 2 Sports Racing Cars (LINK)

Petrolicious Originals (LINK)

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1 year ago

The products that the post introduces are all wonderful. but I think the watch is the most suitable gift for a father. animedle

Milania Greendevald
Milania Greendevald
2 years ago

Learn more about your father’s interests and give him emotions. give him something that he has wanted for a long time but could not afford to buy. For my own, I found tickets to cool events here

mary coca
mary coca
3 years ago

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Denial Smith
Denial Smith
3 years ago

Thank you very much for your ideas. It looks cool. However, you need to follow the preferences and Hobbies of the person to whom you will give the gift even more. I like the idea of BreoBox, which I read on the site this can be very useful for many people who like to use modern gadgets

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