Gear: The 2018 Petrolicious Father's Day Gift Guide

The 2018 Petrolicious Father’s Day Gift Guide

By Petrolicious Productions
May 31, 2018

Item groups can be found in the links below, and the full collection is available for browsing here

There are still a handful of weeks before Father’s Day, so there’s no need to take this as a reminder that you need to scoop up something like a thoughtless Hallmark card on your way home from work, scribbling a quick “Thanks for everything” before putting it in the mail with a crooked stamp and dusting your hands off after a job poorly done. We’re here to help you plan ahead and pick out a gift that does a bit more justice to the relationship you have with Dad.

Not all of us can say that our love of cars came from a fatherly influence, but it’s so often the case that we trace our automotive enthusiasm back to the garage where we first learned how an internal combustion engine worked, or to the couch where we were given commentary on old motorsport magazines that he dug out storage as soon as you were old enough to understand why people might like to race one another. Perhaps it’s the other way around and you’re the one stoking the enthusiasm, but whatever the case is, these gifts will help to communicate how you feel.

Gift Cards (LINK)

No plastic cards to keep track of, and no need to write notes about how much is left on them either. These cards are digital, range from $10 to $500, and can be redeemed on every single poster, hat, shirt, watch, bag—the entirety of the Petrolicious Shop is at his disposable. For the fathers out there who know what they want or simply enjoy the process of figuring that out for themselves.

Hats (LINK)

For keeping the locks under control in the convertible or just a comfortable way to cover up the bald spot, regardless of the situation up there our hats are a comfortable and casual way to represent his taste for Driving Tastefully.

Driving Gloves (LINK)

If he drives a classic car with a wooden steering wheel a nice set of driving gloves will elevate even a typical weekend cruise. Of course, professional drivers don’t use wood and still wear some serious gloves, so any kind of spirited driving will benefit from proper grip. Handmade pieces with high-quality leather is just a stylish bonus to these functions. There are plenty of brands and styles to choose from.

Driving Shoes (LINK)

Did Dad teach you how to heel-and-toe? Repay him for the joys of three-pedal driving with a pair of Pilotis that offer a more mature look than a bright yellow race boot.

Bags & Luggage (LINK)

Whether he travels infrequently or every week, we carry a range of leather bags that add an element of form to the function of luggage. Perhaps they’ll be the impetus for the two of you to plan a road trip together?

Key Chains (LINK)

Looking for something small but useful? The kind of gift that he’ll use every day? A high-quality leather key chain fits the bill.

Sunglasses (LINK)

We carry a selection of sunglasses as well, so if you want to give him an alternative to the Aviators he’s had for a few decades, these glasses from Berenford offer a new take on classic designs. More styles and colors available in the link above.

T-Shirts (LINK)

Skip the novelty “World’s Best Dad” shirt, please! Why not give him something he’ll actually want to wear this year?

Watches (LINK)

It doesn’t matter that we all have the information on our phones these days, the art of keeping time is timeless, and these driving watches are a distinctive way to blend fashion with the pursuit of speed.

Item groups can be found in the links above, and the full collection is available for browsing here

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