Gear: The Petrolicious Holiday Gift Guide, Part 2: Artwork, Books, Toys, Models

The Petrolicious Holiday Gift Guide, Part 2: Artwork, Books, Toys, Models

By Petrolicious Productions
December 8, 2017

The full selection of items for the second half of our Holiday gift guide can be browsed here

The fake snow is falling in Los Angeles, the real stuff is coming down elsewhere, and every big-box store is trying to capitalize on the festive attitude with  a lurid display of inflatable snowmen and icicle lights. If you’re not into the idea of being hounded by sales people wearing santa hats though, we can help you do some holiday shopping without the nuisance. If you missed the first half of our holiday gift guide yesterday, you can find our selection of apparel, accessories, shoes, and watches right here, and below we complete our 2017 gift guide. It’s buying for the family gearhead made easy, so take a look through a few of the items below, and see the full list of items from Part 1 here, and Part 2 here.


Automotive artwork can be bucketed into three groups. One is full of the schlock like Route 66 signs with fake bullet holes punched into them by someone on an assembly line for the thousandth time that day—the kind of stuff that’s hung in the worst versions of “man caves,” right next to “YOUR NAME HERE’s PARKING ONLY”—and on the opposite end there are the hand-painted murals and large canvases that command, appropriately, the kind of prices that far exceed the limits of your office’s Secret Santa game. There is a middle ground though, and we’ve been gathering up the best of it for years now. We are proud to carry a line of prints in the Petrolicious Originals series alongside the work of our favorite graphic artists. From minimalist to saturated, open-wheel to modern classic, take a look at the sample below to see a glimpse of our full catalog of gorgeous prints and posters.

Toy Cars and Models

Buying for children this year but would rather give something more tasteful than a bunch of the bright flimsy plastic that constitutes so much shelf space in the toy aisle? The cars from Candylab retain their whimsy and playful nature but you won’t be as hasty to sweep them into the toy bin when you have unexpected company. Built to last and built for play, these toys are a tasteful introduction to motoring for the younger side of your shopping list.

If it’s been decades since the person you’re buying for played with/bashed together toy cars on the carpet, our collection of highly detailed model cars from CMC up the maturity level substantially. We’ve gone into more detail on these pieces in the past, but the gist of it is accuracy—the leather hood straps are functional for instance, the knock-off wheels can be knocked off, the slider windows slide, you get the idea. These are exquisite homages to their full-size counterparts, and if you aren’t in the tax bracket to be gifting out 1:1 scale Ferrari GTOs, these are a great alternative. It’s the kind of gift that he or she will put on the desk, admired and fidgeted with for years and years to come.

Selected Books

While sitting in a nice chair with a cup of cocoa and a book might seem like an activity inherently opposed to driving a loud and visceral vintage sports car, that contrast really only exists for certain choices— if you’re reading about what it’s like to wheel a BMW Batmobile instead of Jane Austen’s take on being social, the relationship changes. From photo-heavy coffee table tomes to comprehensive histories on the development of today’s icons of design and motorsport, we’ve put together a library of books over the years that covers a lot of ground in its collective pages whether you’re buying for an avid reader or someone who simply likes flipping through photo galleries.

Disclaimer: USA customers should order by 10:00AM, December 19th to receive orders in time for the holidays. Products shipped from Europe may not arrive in time for the holidays. Orders from international customers may not arrive in time for the holidays.

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