News: The 374hp Volkswagen Golf GTI Aurora Showcases The Holographic Future Of In-Car Entertainment

The 374hp Volkswagen Golf GTI Aurora Showcases The Holographic Future Of In-Car Entertainment

By News Desk
May 29, 2019

The annual Wörthersee Treffen GTI gathering has become the venue where Volkswagen unveils some of its more outlandish projects. This year is no different and among the new designs on show is the Golf GTI Aurora, a car that packs 374hp under its hood and something even more remarkable in its trunk. At first glance, you might think that it is the bespoke 3500-watt sound system but it is, in fact, the advanced holographic module that controls the sound system that impresses the most. The floating controls allow full control of the system making this technology a world first. It’s impressive even if you never thought you were in need of a hologram in your car…

‘‘With this hologram technology, we have succeeded in unifying the real and virtual worlds,’’ says Thomas Schmall, chairman of the Board of Management of Volkswagen Group Components. Unlike most existing three-dimensional experiences, no special 3D glasses, gloves or joysticks are required to interact with the Aurora show car. ‘‘It is like a mirage that you can clearly see and which we use to deliver a whole new user experience,’’ Schmall continued. ‘‘The hologram floats freely in the air, above the hardware that is integrated into a compact module in the luggage compartment.’’

Mark Möller, head of development at Volkswagen Group Components, provides a technical insight: ‘‘We create a floating image using software algorithms and visual technology components. The system automatically recognizes the user’s operating requirements and implements them—making it intuitive and logical to operate.’’

The details of the technology are a trade secret based on a proprietary, patented technology and although the system in the GTI Aurora is focused purely in showcasing its abilities with regards to the sound system, the future applications for this technology are already under consideration.

‘‘The holographic system can be realized using technology modules that are already available today; it is no longer just in the realm of science fiction. However, it will be some time before it can be used in production vehicles,’’ says Möller. Until then we will have to be content with concept vehicles like the Aurora to show-off what this tech can do. You can see it in action at the 2019 Wörthersee Treffen, which runs from 29 May to 1 June.

Images courtesy of Volkswagen

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