Gear: The Beautiful Car Book WAFT 4 Is Now Available In The Petrolicious Shop

The Beautiful Car Book WAFT 4 Is Now Available In The Petrolicious Shop

By Petrolicious Productions
October 20, 2016

It’s difficult to describe a book from WAFT until you see one for yourself. Part traditional car magazine, part picture book, and part something else entirely, we’re excited to offer its latest tome—a musical tribute to car culture. Here’s why it’s worth a read.

When hardcover books tend to focus on the past, and magazines on the present and beyond, WAFT 4 is fresh, contemporary, and fit for anyone’s coffee table—even if your living room is elaborate enough to accommodate cars from your collection. Its high-quality square hardcover format and premium paper, however, are chosen in respect to the 256 impressively written, photographed, and composed pages inside.

One minute, you’re reading about a Jaguar D-Type, the next, the incredible Cadillac Cyclone concept car, and after that, the Mercedes-Benz C111, with interviews, music, and inspiration woven through the narrative. As we alluded to above, it’s not really any one thing that makes WAFT 4 a must-read, but the combination of features that a fitting musical tribute to car culture.

Click here to get your copy now at the Petrolicious Shop


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3 years ago

I like this ebooks, i wich i can more book from so i can read tomorow

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