Travel: The Drive Tastefully Guide to Monterey

The Drive Tastefully Guide to Monterey

By Shayan Bokaie
August 6, 2015

Petrolisti, brace yourselves: Monterey Car Week is coming. The hectic monstrosity of the largest vintage car pilgrimage in the world is upon us. With more than 75 events, there is plenty to see in Monterey, but it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of things to do. However, Petrolicious is here to help! In addition to our nifty, mobile-friendly calendar, we’ve put together the Drive Tastefully Guide to Monterey Car Week to help keep the week stress free without missing the best events to see while in the region.


The event schedule is light, so if you’re planning on arriving on Tuesday, use the morning to enjoy some of the great driving roads in the area.

Automobila Day 1 of 2:

If you’re into automobilia, this is definitely the event to check out. Over the years, the merchandise booths at the actual car shows have thinned out, so larger gatherings of vendors are becoming more commonplace. This boasts a lineup of exclusively original material—so you can be sure that the vintage Targa Florio race poster is, in fact, vintage.

Carmel By The Sea Concours:

The Monterey coast is a true California gem, and this event is set on Ocean Avenue in downtown Carmel, perpendicular to the beach and surrounded by restaurants and art galleries. A great (and free) way to ease into the week before the more highlight days.


Carmel Mission Classic:

A nice contrast to the Carmel By The Sea Concours, against the architecture of the Carmel Mission. There is a diverse display of cars for this year, including the feature vehicle, Rita Hayworth’s Ghia Cadillac as seen on Petrolicious.

The Little Car Show:

Our quirky sensibility makes this a must-see event, so it’s worth stopping by even if it’s only for an hour. This year, the The Little Car Show will be featuring 50s orphan cars and we’re excited to see some rare cars from extinct marques!

Gordon McCall’s Motorworks Revival:

Although McCall’s Motorworks Revival is more of an industry night, it’s worth attending for those trying to break into the automotive scene or just get a chance to rub shoulders with industry leaders. 

Click through to the Petrolicious Guide To Monterey Car Week Presented by Michelin to see our selections for the remainder of the week.

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