News: The Ford GT Is Getting A Power Boost And New Carbon Livery

The Ford GT Is Getting A Power Boost And New Carbon Livery

By James Gent
February 6, 2020

Ford’s GT has received its first upgrade since the silks were dropped on the second gen model in 2015. And good news! Said tweaks include a power increase – of sorts – an even more “deeply resonant” soundtrack, and two new livery options.

Power is still provided by Ford’s mid-mounted 3.5-litre Ecoboost V6, though the original 647hp being sent to the rear wheels has now given a boost “beyond 13 additional horsepower” to at least 660hp. Torque, all 500lb ft (895Nm) of it, remains as is, though revised engine calibration, inspired by the track-only GT Mk II launched last year, means the torque band is now much broader than before.

Said shot in the proverbial arm is completed via additional engine cooling – namely a pair of whopping great intercoolers – and, interestingly, new buttress air ducts designed to increase airflow by a sizeable 50 per cent. A new sports exhaust from Slovenian specialists Akrapovič provides a 4kg weight saving over the previous system, which presumably makes a dent in the Ford GT’s 1,385kg dry weight though this has yet to be confirmed. The GT’s new set of lungs is also said to have made an impact on the V6’s Gregorian soundtrack, though it’ll be a while before we can judge this firsthand.

No updates of Ford’s most famous performance weapon – sorry Mustang lovers – would be complete without a new set of skins, and such is the case with the two new limited edition livery options for 2020. The first – surprise, surprise – is an updated version of the Gulf Racing Heritage two-tone, featuring the hallowed blue and orange colours, which, yes, does look sensational. The ‘9’ featured on the 2019 option now reverts to a ‘6’ for 2020, a throwback to the original GT40 Mk. I – chassis 1075 – that took its second consecutive win at Le Mans with that number in 1969. Also noteworthy is the black pinstripe dividing the blue and orange, another nod to the ’69-winning bruiser. For the first time, carbon fibre wheels come as standard in lieu of aluminium alloys.

Also available is the brand new – and gorgeous – ‘Liquid Carbon’, which rejects paint entirely for the GT’s bare carbon fibre bodywork. Carbon wheels also come as standard, though the options menu for the Carbon model is a lot beefier, with customers also able to select – deep breath – titanium lugnuts, six-point racing harness anchors, five interior options, five caliper colours, and stripes across the bonnet and wing mirrors, as their hearts and bank accounts desire.

Like it? Good, because it’s here to stay until production wraps in 2022.

*Images courtesy of Ford Motor Company and Michael Chang

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Donald Compton
Donald Compton
3 years ago

If Ford would put a version of this engine in a Mustang, I would be all over it. My son rented a Ford excursion with the Truck version of this engine and he told me that the acceleration of the Excursion was incredible.

Dennis White
Dennis White
3 years ago

Kilogram equal to 2.20 pounds.

Roman Macias
Roman Macias
3 years ago

What’s a KG??