Travel: The Gran Premio Parco Valentino Is A Celebration Of Classic Cars

The Gran Premio Parco Valentino Is A Celebration Of Classic Cars

By Jacopo Villa
June 14, 2016

Photography by Federico Bajetti

Classic cars seem to have a natural place to be. Turin is one of them: it’s the birthplace of the Italian automobile. Celebrating this in 2016 is the Salone dell’Auto di Torino: have cool cars roll into the streets of the city centre and head in convoy to the stunning Reggia di Venaria, where the beauty of sculpted metal blends with classic architecture.

The cream of the crop was, of course, was seen on Saturday, where the classic cars participating in the Gran Premio del Valentino gather in Piazza Vittorio Veneto to parade towards the elegant Reggia di Venaria in a 28 mile (45 km) course through Turin and Superga.

Despite the name being, “Gran Premio” there was no serious competition involved, even if the streets in Town were closed to the public. But drivers find a way: the rain made it possible for entertaining powerslides!

The Salone del Valentino or, as it is now better known with its original name, the “Salone dell’Auto di Torino”, is a successful event which in its second year saw an estimated 650,000 visitors. Blending new and old, concept, performance and classics all rumbled through Turin in a parade that made the car history of the city alive once again.

Other events during the week included an open air car show exhibition of new cars with both world and national debuts and the opportunity to do test drives for visitors. It seems manufacturers had faith in this event, too, as important cars were exhibited: the Madza 787B, the BMW CSL Hommage R, the new Ferrari GTC Lusso, and the Corvette C7 R Edition, plus concept cars from Pininfarina, IED, Mole and StudioTorino.

It was a showcase of contemporary fine vehicles, to go along with the classics—and definitely a great reason to travel to Italy for next year if you missed it.

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7 years ago

Beautiful. Stunning eye candy. Even better with no Guitar Slinger commentary. Thanks