Journal: The Gruppe5 2002 May Just Turn Out To Be The Most Extreme Road-Legal BMW Ever

The Gruppe5 2002 May Just Turn Out To Be The Most Extreme Road-Legal BMW Ever

By News Desk
May 17, 2019

Modified BMWs are not exactly rare… from the manufacturer-backed outfits like Alpina and Schnitzer to the dodgy backyard mechanic promising massive power gains from a simple remap, the choices are as varied as the end result. Then there are companies like Gruppe5 Motorsport, who have taken the entire discipline to the next level. In a technical partnership with Bill and Bob Riley of Riley Technologies and Steve Dinan (Carbahn Autoworks) they are planning to launch what may well be the ultimate street legal GT car ever made, the Gruppe5 2002, as these renders demonstrate.

The vehicle they have chosen as a base is the iconic BMW 2002, which was manufactured between 1968 and 1975. Gruppe5 Motorsport Founder Tom Zajac once owned a 1972 2002tii and it served as both a daily driver and a weekend track toy for showroom stock racing back in the ‘80s. The 2002 helped build BMW’s reputation on the race track and models like the 2002 Turbo elevated road car performance levels to new heights too. “Collaborating with motorsport legends Bill and Bob Riley and Steve Dinan to make my vision a reality is the privilege of a lifetime,” said Tom Zajac. The Gruppe5 2002 will use a Riley handcrafted carbon fiber/steel chassis and be powered by a Steve Dinan-built V10 S85 motor (the one from the E60 M5). There will be 744hp 5.8-liter and 803hp 5.9-liter variants offered with both capable of running on pump or race gas as required.

With a projected curb weight of just 2,200 pounds, the Gruppe5 2002 will have a power-to-weight ratio of between 676 and 730hp per ton (depending on the engine fitted) and to ensure that it is not just a hairy quarter-mile monster, every aspect of its dynamic performance has been considered. “We designed the Gruppe5 2002 to deliver unparalleled performance in all respects,” said Bill Riley. To this end the car will be fitted with a race-ready Xtrac six-speed sequential gearbox, four-way adjustable pushrod suspension, Alcon monoblock brakes and 19-inch BBS three-piece forged aluminum wheels shod with a choice of street or race rubber.

The original bodywork will be completely removed and while the steel tub is retained an alloy frame and safety cage are welded in and carbon fiber laminates replace the original steel body panels. The interior is also completely transformed with notable changes being a set of Recaro racing seats, Motec187 color display and a custom steering wheel with paddle shifters replacing the original item. 300 cars are planned for production, 200 with the 5.8-liter motor and 100 with the higher output 5.9-liter variant. Customers interested in this extreme street-legal GT need to supply a matching-numbers 2002 to Gruppe5, whose team will then take care of the rest. Production is slated to begin this summer and Gruppe5 is accepting orders for those who are ready to take on what promises to be one of the most extreme street-legal BMWs ever conceived.

Images courtesy of Gruppe5 and BMW

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Mark St Clair
Mark St Clair
5 years ago

Yes, I’m sure they’ll sell hundreds of them.


Spare us.

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