Gear: The Morgan EV3 Junior Is Here To Drive Petrolhead Kids Into The Future

The Morgan EV3 Junior Is Here To Drive Petrolhead Kids Into The Future

By Andrew Golseth
February 7, 2017

Photography by Morgan Motor Company


We love the Morgan 3 Wheeler. It snugly fits two, it’s noisy, there are no cup holders, there is no glovebox, no roof, and you have to drive with one arm hanging outside of the doorless torpedo body in order to use the steering rack to it’s full potential. Needless to say, the handmade retro British cycle-car isn’t the most practical mode of transportation, but we don’t care.

We don’t care because the Morgan 3 Wheeler is baked with the most splendid ingredient of them all: pure fun. Its dismissal of rationale and practicality is overcome by pure driving pleasure. It proves that even when you grow up, you don’t have to give up being a kid. We suppose, then, it’s quite fitting Morgan downsized its latest high voltage EV3 model trike for the next generation of petrolheads.

Like the adult-sized EV3, the Morgan EV3 Junior is an all-electric 3 Wheeler that’s been scaled down for ages 6 and up—though, admittedly Morgan didn’t specify a weight limit so by all means be our guest, adults.

Also like the full-size versions, the EV3 Junior is coach-built with a full carbon fiber body featuring a hand stitched quilted cabin suited for one. The wood dashboard features a single drive gauge and leather wrapped three-spoke steering wheel.

Standard paint colors offered include Sport Red, Sport Green, or Sport Ivory, with either black or tan leather interior, but for an additional cost Morgan will paint the Junior to your dapper child’s exact specification. Sticker packages are also available for further personalization.

A full charge takes approximately 4 hours and yields an estimated 10 miles worth of drive time, depending on your kiddo’s lead foot. Top speed is limited to 16 kph (~10 mph) and a 12-month warranty is included along with an operating handbook.

Available for £6,662.50 (plus value-added tax) this sort of class doesn’t come inexpensively, but we can’t help but think it’s worth it. After all, isn’t seeing your youngster become a petrolhead priceless?

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Nicolas Moss
Nicolas Moss
7 years ago

Sorry to be a curmudgeon, but the last thing a six year old needs is a motor to push them around… they have plenty of energy to move themselves. If you want to get a youngster into auto-tech, then a remote control car that you build from a kit with them is the way to go.

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