Journal: The One-Off Ferrari P80/C Reimagined As A Spider Looks Even More Stunning

The One-Off Ferrari P80/C Reimagined As A Spider Looks Even More Stunning

By News Desk
April 1, 2019

The specially commissioned Ferrari P80/C was recently revealed to the world after four years of intensive development. While any project of this nature is bound to be special, the one-off P80/C is even more so owing to the fact that it has been designed for track use only. Borrowing most of its underpinnings from the 488 GT3 race car, the P80/C is also a coupé; historically this has been best for overall rigidity. But modern carbon fiber shells are extremely strong and Ferrari has regularly introduced Spider variants of its sportiest models with little to no degradation in performance and handling ability. The 488 Pista Spider (shown at the end of this article) is, in fact, lighter than its hardtop counterpart.

That is where the Ferrari P80/C Spider steps in. Graphic designer Aksyonov Nikita regularly releases interesting renders of model variants that exist only in his creative mind, and the P80/C Spider is one that we sorely wish would become a reality. Chopping the roof off the existing car reveals a shape that is arguably even more desirable; the sharp, angular lines translate well in to a Spider variant, and surely with the expensive development costs already taken care of this car should be far more cost effective to produce.

Then again, at this lofty level of bespoke commissions and one-off flights of fantasy, pricing is probably not a top concern, so it is best then to just imagine what the mid-mounted twin-turbo V8 would sound like with the top down. Unfettered by stifling road regulations, it would probably be necessary to wear a helmet anyway just to protect occupants’ hearing from its searing howl.

Images courtesy of Behance and Ferrari

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