Gear: The Second Set Of Boiling Point's 'Nation Series' Is Now In The Shop

The Second Set Of Boiling Point’s ‘Nation Series’ Is Now In The Shop

By Alex Sobran
January 4, 2018

Find each of these prints, along with the first set of the Nation Series, in the Petrolicious Shop

While the current landscape of automobile production and motorsport is a more or less multinational affair—BMWs been building in South Carolina for years now, Mercedes’ F1 team operates out of the UK primarily (like most of their slower competitors as well)—there was a time when things were a bit more in-house, or “in-country.” Ferraris still wear the national racing color of Italy today, but at this point Rosso Corsa is more closely linked to the brand than the country it was born in, at least in the eyes of the younger generation. Allegiances based on country of origin are mostly restricted to where the F1 drivers were born, even though they tend to relocate to Monaco as soon as possible.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with any of this, and it’s just another product of the inevitable path towards greater globalization. That said, we like to look back to the past, when there was a bit more gravitas linked to the race results, when the pride of the podium conferred something about the nation where the winning cars were conceived and built. The artists at Boiling Point seem to agree with this sentiment, and their Nation Series is a celebration of the icons of major car manufacturing countries around the world. Presented in bold silhouettes with the vibrant colors of their respective flags interwoven with the blacks and whites, these posters command attention with their simple yet novel design, and they are a tasteful homage to the nations of the world who’ve built the cars this site was founded on. It’s a bit rosy and not entirely true that a team consisting 100% of Italians or 100% Americans used to be responsible for the great triumphs of Alfa or Chevy, but those stories do exist, and they aren’t so likely to be repeated now.

In this collection, (see the first set here), Boiling Point has selected the C2 Corvette for the United States, the Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 Stradale for Italy (read up on that car in more detail here), the BMW M1 for Germany, the Aston Martin DBR1 for Great Britain, the Alpine A110 for France, and the Toyota 2000 GT for Japan.

Find each of these prints, along with the first set of the Nation Series, in the Petrolicious Shop

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