Gear: New Artwork From Boiling Point Has Been Added To The Shop

New Artwork From Boiling Point Has Been Added To The Shop

By Alex Sobran
September 28, 2017

The full selection of Boiling Point’s “Nation” series can be found here, in the Shop.

When it comes to countries with militaries, nationalism can lead down some dark roads. It’s a word that’s had plenty of bad ones written about it, but at the root and core of it all there’s nothing wrong with taking pride in the place you’re from if it doesn’t come at the expense of other people. All kinds of places have all kinds of achievements to write into their history and to hope for in their futures, but we tend to like the automotive accomplishments the most.

In our area of the world—the fun place that’s chiefly concerned with cars—there are some ingrained traits that we assign to those built in certain places, and there are plenty of pros and cons that come along too. America is the land of high displacement making high horsepower and is a longtime champion of the V8; Germany builds technically advanced sports cars that use all sorts of drivetrains to achieve their speed; Japan is known for its cars being sources of reliable and endless fun; Italians have unmatched verve and personality imbedded in their metal; the French are innovative and avant garde when they get it right; and classic British cars offer plenty of hands-on experience fixing wiring harnesses (that’s a joke, there is plenty of joy to be had in British roadsters like those from Triumph and MG, and British racing teams have always been able to build winners—just read up on how the GT40 became a successful car at Le Mans for instance).

Regardless of where your allegiances fall, or whether you have any to begin with, this collection of tasteful silhouettes does a fine job of representing some iconic forms from around the world. Produced by the artists at Boiling Point, each piece in the Nation Series features a car representative of the country’s automotive contributions to popular culture, and pairs their profiles with the flag in the background. The selection offered in the Petrolicious shop includes all the cars you see above, listed here: Citroën SM, Porsche 911, Jaguar E-Type, Ferrari 275 GTB, Datsun 240Z, and the Ford Mustang. As a whole the group makes up an all-star lineup for the 1970s, and individually they represent the bastions of their nation’s design and engineering aptitude.

The designs feature flags made of big colored blocks that bleed into the dark noir-ish cars, and the resulting mixture is a compelling portrait of heritage, and on a purely artistic basis, an interesting use of shapes and shadows. They lend themselves toward collecting, but each can hang on its own merits too of course.

The full selection of Boiling Point’s “Nation” series can be found here, in the Shop.

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Greg Paules
Greg Paules
6 years ago

Wait what?!?! The most classic of cars from around the world, and he went with a Mustang over the ’63 Corvette?!?! Cmon now!!!!

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