Journal: The Upcoming 'McLaren' Documentary Looks Incredible

The Upcoming ‘McLaren’ Documentary Looks Incredible

By Alex Sobran
February 21, 2017

Bruce McLaren should need no introduction, and once you know anything about him you’ll only want to learn more. Universal Pictures seems to feel the same way—or at least they hope enough of us do—because they just released the trailer for their documentary, McLaren, on the man’s extraordinary and tragically short life and his vast impact on racing and road cars.

A talented, winning driver (he placed first overall at Le Mans in a GT40 for example; it doesn’t get much more pedigreed than that), a brilliant engineer, manager, and analyst, there really wasn’t a corner of racing that he left untouched. McLaren is synonymous today with F1 championships, a period of utter dominance during the glory days of Can Am, and with the eponymous company’s road cars like the legendary F1, but this film should provide some insight into how and why all that came to be. 

We’re more than looking forward to this.


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Douglas Anderson
Douglas Anderson
7 years ago

Oh boy, I can’t wait to see this one.
Hope they don’t go all Hollywood with it.
I had such high hopes for Ron Howard’ s movie RUSH and admit to making a rare pilgrimage to an actual movie theater to see it.
I recently saw it again on TV ( I admit I have a problem )

7 years ago

Rush is amazing and this one looks like it should as well.

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