Reader Submissions: The World Needs More Simca 1100s

The World Needs More Simca 1100s

By Petrolicious Productions
February 25, 2016

Story and Photograhy by Benjamin Pette

I started my love story with cars by reading a French comic named Michel Vaillant. This pilot won in almost every races and it brought me to watch Formula 1. When I was in college, I participated to the raid 4L Trophy, a raid in Morocco on the Dakar rally tracks. After that, my first and current job start I work every day for a company which manufacture bearings for classic cars. It allow me to discover the classic car shows around Europe and start a blog to share my passions.

At a show in Reims, France, I took a picture of a Simca 1100 under a beautiful sun. When I needed to buy a second car, I remembered the Simca 1100 and I decided to search for one of them. I found one, in Guéret, 310 miles (500 km) from my house, and I chose this one because the owner used it every day. The only thing he didn’t mention, is that the car stalled every time he stopped!

Nevermind, I bought it, and I drove back to my place. The car is not perfect, that’s maybe why I’m so attached to it. The black color is rare, and was only used for export. The body is damaged, but the style is present. The engine is not powerful, just what you need to go anywhere, except a racetrack.

This is noisy, this is slow, but you move with a style you can’t have in modern cars.

After being stored outside for a while, these days, she sleeps in a garage and I use it every time I go to a classic car event, from the little mensual meeting I organise to the bigger events like the Traversée de Paris when 700 classic cars have a tour in Paris or the classic car race in the Dijon-Prenois or Magny-Cours racetracks.

The car is not made for highways, so if you use small roads and you take your time, it’ll ride and drive like you were in another world.

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5 years ago

They say the important thing about love is not that it is “polished and worn once, then put on a shelf high up for all to see”, but rather that it is “worn every day, scratched and dented”. That is how I see this authors connection to the Simca.

I have no history with the Simca, other than having seen the odd one as a young ‘un. But it is obvious this automobile does more than merely transport the author from place to place. Too many readers here look for unique car – not what the subject auto does for or to the author. Too bad, really. I think Petrolicious is about the connection the car (any car) brings to the author.

5 years ago

My dad had a 1970 red 1100 LS, five door. It had light brown interior, it’s a pity you don’t see any more these on the roads. And you don’t hear them. Man, the rattling timing belt of most Simca engines (also of the bigger 1300) are still echoing in my head 40 years later 🙂
Great pictures, I never saw one in black, actually. Plenty white and metallic green, but never in black. Trés belle et unique.

Carlos Ferreira
Carlos Ferreira(@sketchtank)
5 years ago

It gave birth to this, so, forever grateful

Nicolas Moss
Nicolas Moss(@itsnicolas)
5 years ago

I like the picture where its peeking around the corner, like a horse looking for its favorite rider (and the apple he always carries).

Benjamin Pette
Benjamin Pette(@benjamin)
5 years ago
Reply to  Nicolas Moss

Thank you.

Martin Philippo
Martin Philippo(@martin-philippo)
5 years ago

I remember them from when they were new and I honestly am not sure if I can share your sentiments.

Guitar Slinger
Guitar Slinger(@gtrslngr)
5 years ago

I’ll 2nd that !

Pedro Macedo
Pedro Macedo(@linkerman)
5 years ago

Seems to be a lovely car. I haven’t seen one of these in person yet.