Journal: These Are The Cars That Turn Up To Monza On A Saturday

These Are The Cars That Turn Up To Monza On A Saturday

By Michael Banovsky
July 19, 2016

Last weekend, our photographer Rosario Liberti—who just so happens to live right near Italy’s Autodromo Nazionale Monza—saw that the area was alight with visitors and decided to stop in, and we’re glad he did. This is “ASA Day”, a place for the automotive industry to let its hair down a bit and honor the past by holding seminars…and racing around the track.

This year’s honored marques covered FCA’s Italian group of companies, with special attention paid to the rally models released to do battle in the World Rally Championship. Not strictly a trade event, car show, exhibition, or visitor-focused race, ASA Day is an intriguing selection of enthusiast-focused happening over two days.

As you browse through the photos, consider: which of these Italian marvels would you take for a few laps around Monza?

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Stefanos CarBuddha Gyll
Stefanos CarBuddha Gyll
7 years ago

Even the Martini van hahaha.
This Abarth 035 and the Integralle! Amazing cars!

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