Gear: These Illustrated Icons Are Simply Wonderful

These Illustrated Icons Are Simply Wonderful

By Petrolicious Productions
June 24, 2015

Simple yet lifelike, French artist Delius has drawn us in with scenes of artists, designers, and luminaries from many different disciplines. It’s a style not seen often any more, but one that melds perfectly with his subjects, bringing them to life.

From a line that traces its roots to The Adventures of Tintin artist Hergé, Delius works using ligne claire, or a “clear line” style, in which strong lines are used for all elements, and shading is done with color and not hatching. It’s cartoony to some, but when illustrating the icons of modern design—across a number of disciplines—the style works perfectly to in effect sum up an iconic figure, building, or scene.

Automotive aficionados will recognize Virgil Exner, Raymond Loewy, and Buckminster Fuller—but from there, his collection gives equal attention to architect Richard Meier, actress Jacqueline Delubac, and director Henri-Georges Clouzot.

Interestingly, Delius also keeps his website updated with other versions of each piece; from colorless line drawings to alternate versions of his scenes. Somehow, each is able to provoke close examination of the subtle ways he manages to give these icons new life.

For more examples of his art and for inquiries, please contact Delius via his website. 

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Kevin Jensen
Kevin Jensen
8 years ago

I thought of Herge as soon as I saw the illustrations … If Archer was a ‘pictorial novel’ it wood look similar. Quite simple yet effective.

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