Reader Submissions: Incredibly Original And Equally Stunning: 1966 Mercedes SL Pagoda

Incredibly Original And Equally Stunning: 1966 Mercedes SL Pagoda

By Petrolicious
May 7, 2014

Owner: Daniel Landeros

Year, Make, and Model: B 1966 Mercedes-Benz 230SL

Location: Santa Paula, California

Photographer: Bob Muschitz

I became interested in Mercedes-Benz’s as a little kid watching my father take on his first ground-up restoration on a Mercedes 220SE Cabriolet. I would always sit and observe him as he worked away. When this SL came up for sale I had to have it because it was an all-original, rust-free California convertible.

It was purchased new at Auto Stiegler in Encino, CA and this papyrus white 230SL had its first service on January 23, 1967 with only 555 miles. It came equipped with an automatic transmission and dealer-installed air conditioning and continued getting its regular service by the same dealer until November ’69. After that it was serviced down the street (Ventura Boulevard) by an independent Mercedes garage until 1974 when the car had about 51,000 miles. Since then it has only been carefully driven another 24,000 miles, and the car still contains its original spare tire and also both the original trunk mat in excellent condition as well as the front plastic floor mats (so rare to see in like-new condition). In the engine bay it still has most of the original water and heater hoses from 1966. It is truly a nice, well preserved automobile and the small maintenance book still preserves the metal ID card that you would normally give to the dealer when bringing it for service.

It’s an original car, and it can only be original once. And it’s now parked next to a new project car, a 1965 Mercedes-Benz 300SE Cab, 1 of 100 built with all the options that is getting a much needed make over. We don’t drive the SL too much, but certainly enough to feel very comfortable about the car. It has never left us stranded and last time we drove it over 120 miles without a problem. My father and I have been restoring cars for a very long time now. We enjoy it and love what we do. I believe that our work speaks for itself.

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Dustin Rittle
Dustin Rittle
10 years ago

Alot of very stunning pictures here. I must admit i was never a huge fan of Mercedes-Benz but i always did have my heart set on the W113 series of cars. For me the styling was right on point it was simple yet elegant. The car itself had a relatively light chassis that was wide. You mix that chassis with a very good suspension along with a fuel injected inline 6 and you got a recipe for success. If i remember correctly one of the chief Engineers at Mercedes drove a 230 SL around a race track and put up almost the same lap times as a 250 GTO. Truely a very impressive car.

Matthew Lange
Matthew Lange
10 years ago
Reply to  Dustin Rittle

Yes Mercedes legend Rudolf Ulhenhaut was able to Lap a circuit in France within a couple of tenths of Ferrari factory driver Mike Parkes. Not sure if it was a GTO or a street 250 though.

Matthew Lange
Matthew Lange
10 years ago

Gorgeous the very definition of classic car

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