Travel: This Berlin Workspace Brings the Museum Experience to Life

This Berlin Workspace Brings the Museum Experience to Life

By Jayson Fong
February 26, 2015

Photography by Jayson Fong

A short distance from the heart of Berlin–a city known internationally for its dedication to the arts–lies one of the city’s most well kept secrets.

Although not far from the city centre and its major tourist hotspots, it would be easy to find yourself checking your maps to make sure you were in the right place when you arrive in Moabit. And even then, when you finally got inside, you could be forgiven for thinking you weren’t allowed to be there in the first place. Tucked behind closed doors here in what was once an old Wilhelmine tram depot you will find what can only be described as a stunning collection of classic cars and workshops in an incredible space known as The Classic Remise Berlin, or “classic coach house”.

Built in the times of imperial Germany in 1899, this building saw duty as a tram depot until the 1960s when it fell into disuse. Nearly thirty five years later, in 2002, construction began to give the building a new life as a centre for vintage cars. Today, it is home to a large collection vehicles and specialist workshops, vintage car dealers and showrooms, all catering to every need of the classic car enthusiast and owner.

What makes the Classic Remise so memorable, however, is its central hall. Here, 88 special glass cases are arranged like life-size Corgi boxes in a shop and are home to 88 special cars. Air-tight and climate-controlled, these glass cases are the perfect way to preserve history.

Some notable examples of the beauties enclosed inside these lifesize Corgi boxes include a Bugatti’s EB110, a classic lime green Lancia Stratos, a Lamborghini Countach, a unique Bentley Peterson Dartmoor Coupe, and a Brennabor Torpedo from 1910. Reflecting the diversity on display, a Ferrari Enzo even stood in as a modern counterpart to these vintage gems.

In reality, the Classic Remise could be seen as a museum that adds another ‘living’ dimension to the standard museum experience. The open front workshops that flank the hall give visitors a unique glimpse into the art of restoration. This open approach departs from the secrecy that shrouds the underground archive chambers of other museums. Here you can even smell the workshops and, on occasion, hear the echoes of vintage motors roaring to life.

The Classic Car Remise is one of Berlin’s true hidden gems that allows you to step into a different world of art. It is a museum and gallery that reflects history and society equally as well as the paintings and sculptures housed in the grand galleries a few miles away. And despite its size, the hallways of the Remise are generally quiet, playing host to only a handful of visitors on any given day, making it the ideal escape from the usual throngs of tourists that throng most of Berlin’s museums. What’s more, there is no entry fee and you’re free to wander at your own pace.

Not many museums give visitors the experience of the sight, smell, and sound of history, but rest assured you will get it all at the Remise.

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2 years ago

Beautiful! That’s some candy store and the photographic work is very impressive. Chapeau! Also, never seen a red Citroen before. Pretty funky.

6 years ago

There are similar concepts evolving around germany on many places. transforming old industry sites into this type of classic car centers.


Steve Hayward
Steve Hayward(@steveh)
6 years ago

That green Miura, oh my!

Frank Wulfers
Frank Wulfers(@fb_100000173562537)
6 years ago

I visited in September 2012 and it’s a really cool place to look inside the workshops and see what vintage cars they have for sale. Many of them can be daily drivers. Looking at the pictures, they still have some of the same cars for sale after 2 1/2 years.

Emanuel Costa
Emanuel Costa(@genovevo)
6 years ago

I wanna go to Berlin right away!

Martin James
Martin James(@coloradokid)
6 years ago

Well … to play ‘ Devils Advocate ‘ On one hand and at first take its kind of a cool collection/collaboration all under one roof . But on the other hand … there is also something I can’t quite put my finger on that makes the whole damn thing more than a bit disturbing and creepy . Maybe its just the severely ‘ Photoshopped ‘ photos … maybe its because I’m only seeing one small view of the place . But somehow the thing reminds me more of a mausoleum for the living dead ..or worse an Antique Mall [ I despise Antique Malls and everything they stand for ] than workshops/museum/dealer spaces

Suffice it to say … if this is the future of Classic Cars ? I’ll be foregoing classic automobiles completely and taking up Fly Fishing as a full time hobby. Eeesh !

Johnny Breinholt
Johnny Breinholt(@officina590gt)
6 years ago
Reply to  Martin James

[i]” I’ll be foregoing classic automobiles completely and taking up Fly Fishing as a full time hobby. “[/i]

Y E S P L E A S E ! !

Gabe Augustine
Gabe Augustine(@gabe-augustine)
6 years ago

This photography is beautiful. It’s the reason I clicked on the story. The images are not severely photoshopped. They’ve obviously been lit and color corrected by a professional photographer. They’ve used a bit of gradient burn in lightroom to create a vignetted feel on some of the shots, which creates a stronger focal point to the photos, but there’s no out of hand photoshop work like you suggest. I feel like you’ve spent so much time over the last few years looking at photos on your camera phone, and you no longer have the ability to see good photography.

Paul Steel
Paul Steel(@steely)
6 years ago
Reply to  Martin James

MJ, you should change your handle to “Devils Advocate” 😀

Lars Banka
Lars Banka(@lunte02)
6 years ago
Reply to  Martin James

Hi Martin,
the “Classic-Remise” or the “Meilen-Werk” over here are a mixed concept: vintage car-owners can rent a garage (the glas tanks) were the cars are more on display than locked away. And than there are the shops, car-dealers and workshops. It’s a nice atmosphere and not like a dead museum. If you make it to Germany check it out!

John Burrow
John Burrow(@jb07)
6 years ago

Excellent photos! May I ask what camera was used?

Alan Robson
Alan Robson(@carltonalan)
6 years ago

These cars are perfect. I’d never think I’d see all my iconic favorites in one select group of photos. Just wonderful.

Johannes Roussel
Johannes Roussel(@johannes)
6 years ago

Duesseldorf and also Stuttgart

Nikola Velikov
Nikola Velikov(@nikson)
6 years ago

I visit this place occasionally. It is utterly stunning. The place, the smell, the cars is absolutely a heaven for any petrolhead.
You can find pictures from my last visit here:

6 years ago

Actually it’s not a museum but many different classic car dealers under one roof. You can also rent those glass garages and park your own car there. There is onother one of these locations here in Duesseldorf It’s great to go there from time to time since the cars change alot, they also have motorcycles

Steve G
Steve G(@boxerrumble)
6 years ago

What a cool museum. Those pictures are stunning!